Tuesday, November 22, 2022

LUCIFERICON stream new INVICTUS album at Death Metal Promotion

 Today, Dutch death metallers Lucifericon stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, The Warlock of Da'ath, at the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Set for international release on November 25th via Invictus Productions, hear Lucifericon's The Warlock of Da'ath in its entirety exclusively HERE.

"After opening the sorcerous gate through Al-Khem-Me-cal 
Tracklisting for Lucifericon's The Warlock of Da'ath
1. Obscure and Forbidden
2. Qliphotic Trance
3. The Veils of Negative Existence
4. Khidir's Urn
5. Sigillum Azoetia: The Map of Possibility
6. The Iconostatis of Blasphemy
7. Ancient Lineage
8. The Warlock of Da'ath

processes on the previous album, we have again embraced every atom of the blackest mass to conjure darkness from a more cabalistic perspective..."

Indeed, Lucifericon's Al-Khem-Me debut full-length displayed the full fathom of the band's Metal of Death. While they'd teased with a couple short-lengths in the recent past, that momentous 2018 album created an endlessly slipstreaming (and endlessly fascinating) vortex of malevolence and memorability. It was death METAL forged in the fires of the late '80s and early '90s, but never was it blinkered by that all-too-considerable past.

And so it goes with Lucifericon's second album, The Warlock of Da'ath. "Musically, we have always drawn influences from all corners of the musical abyss," the band continue. There are noticeable differences compared to previous material, but we do not stray from our path. In fact we have deepened the path with even more layers than before. After shedding these layers of skin from the phenomenal world, this serpent called Lucifericon will reveal itself."

Naturally, within that cauldron bubbles black metal and also doom, alongside that firm foundation of elder death metal. But the manner in which Lucifericon stir that cauldron makes all the difference; verily, it emerges as DEATH metal, but an incredibly nuanced and engaging form of such, shapeshifting (and subsequently mesmerizing) with absolute ease. Compounding this uptick in songwriting nous is the production on The Warlock of Da'ath: neither "old school" nor pejoratively new & sterile, this increased clarity simply heightens the intensity whilst revealing all those tastefully subtle details. Taken another way, the sulfurous fog swarms and swirls, slashing with ritual knives from the boundless shadows; the portent of doom is sealed and unassailable.

The Warlock of Da’ath starts with a warning, before devouring you whole with death, doom, and black metal…in the darkest form imaginable! Lucifericon have hereby eclipsed their not-inconsiderable past.

Hear all of it for yourself exclusively HERE, courtesy of the Death Metal Promotion YouTube channel. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

WHIRLWIND - “1714”



WHIRLWIND was born as a parallel project to KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR by Mark Wild (rhythm guitar), who in 2012 began to write songs highly influenced by the golden era of Running Wild, as well as the old Accept or Helloween, in which each song was intended to be an anthem with direct riffs, epic choruses and melodic and memorable solos.

Being on hiatus for years due to lack of time and pandemics, the band is completed with the brothers Jordi and Artur (drums and lead guitar) and Héctor Llauradó (vocals) to finish the album, recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez and mastered by Partrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony with a 100% organic and vintage sound, drinking from the sounds of the mid/late '80s.

“1714” is the debut album of WHIRLWIND that will be released through Fighter records next on November 22nd, 2022 on CD, 12” LP, Cassette & Digital formats.

Mark Wild – Rhythm Guitar
Artur – Lead Guitar
Héctor Llauradó – Vocals
Jordi - Drums


NOCTURNIS release new video for "Reue"


The new "Unsegen" album by the black metallers from Nocturnis has been in the stores since 28 October. With "Reue" the band now releases an oppressive video clip, which takes up the concept of the album about the story of a soldier in World War I and puts it into the scene with depressing images. The two guitarists of the South Germans Vincent Padrutt and Lukas Wenzel are responsible for the production of the video. You can find the album on all common streaming platforms, at the band, at MDD, as well as in well-stocked shops and mail order.








Aviscerus - "Visceral Depths" (Progressive Death Metal)

Artist:  Aviscerus
Release title:  Visceral Depths
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 22-11-2022
Format: Digital
Genre:  Progressive Death Metal
Country: Australia

1 Guidance
2 Depths
3 It Lurks
4 A Rare Breed of Catastrophe
5 Animus
6 Sightless Eyes
7 No Reprieve
8 Amidst the Crushing Currents
9 Scorched Plains

Cody Bennett - vocals
Kristian Climo - guitar
Herb Bennetts - drums
Jesse Solich - bass

Spawned from the collective minds and experiences of its members, Aviscerus' debut Visceral Depths is a powerful and at times, cinematic record that offers compelling lyrics that tell highly conceptual stories.
The stories are woven amongst unique and subversive riffs, progressive drum beats, and a massive brutal vocal attack. Visceral Depths tells visual stories of trauma and survival. Offering glimpses into the band's own struggles with mental health.

For fans of Gojira, Fit for an Autopsy, Decapitated, Dyscarnate.

Guitar, bass and and vocals self recorded by Aviscerus.
Drums recorded at Sumo Studios with Mathew Templeman and Fraser Cringle.
Album mixed, mastered and edited at Templeman Audio by Mathew Templeman and Scott Kay.




Korax Mvd relase new EP “Humo y Espejos”

On November 22, Korax Mvd release their second Ep: Smoke and Mirrors.

Korax's proposal is part of alternative rock, metal and industrial as well as other elements of dark music. The lyrics of “Humo y Espejos” are done in Spanish and are linked to a dystopian vision of the future and both social and personal relationships.
The band was formed by Natalia Arocena (vocals, guitars, bass) and André Goldman (synthesizers, samplers and programming) in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2020.
As for the sound, it is more aggressive and dynamic and consolidates a new stage of the band. The final mix and mastering of this Ep was done by Pablo Soñora at Montevideo Records.

This Ep consists of 4 songs, one of which (Artificial) had been presented as a preview in a single, also with remixed versions of it.

1) Lo que eras
2) Artificial
3) Mas allá
4) Cielo gris


Youtube Official Channel:



Burgûli - "Abans que ens engoleixi la llum"


Listen "Abans que ens engoleixi la llum"

Artist: Burgûli
Release title: Abans que ens engoleixi la llum
Label: Base Records Production
Release Date: 14-02-2022
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Spain

1. Visiones del pasado
2. La destrucció dels falsos
3. Els antics de mons enllà
4. Melancolía del ser de la cueva
5. El regne de les profunditats
6. Les acaballes del món
Line-up Kondea Gorthaur

Burgûli is a Raw Black Metal band. The new album follows the previous ones in its evil, dark and raw sound. Album is as the ones before about hate, darkness and melancholy.

For fans of Darkthrone, Burzum, Mayhem, Mutiilation

All instruments and lyrics record and mix in Kondea Gorthaur's own studio.



THE CRIPPLER sign to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - "I'm Just Gonna Let Myself In" set for release on December 16th, pre-orders + single are live now


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are set to release the debut album from Philadelphia's ultraviolent assassins The CripplerI'm Just Gonna Let Myself In is up now for pre-order and will be released December 16th on CD and Digital formats along with merch.

Hailing from Killadelphia, The Crippler features current and former members of Eat The Turnbuckle, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Brutal Truth, and Total Fucking Destruction. I'm Just Gonna Let Myself In features 13 tracks of forceful, distasteful, aggressive, audible strong armed robbery... Grindcore, Punk, Death, and Thrash Metal with a side of beat-down Hardcore. This powerful debut album from The Crippler is loaded with a choice of multiple stab wounds in a dark alleyway or your wallet. Literally all killer and no filler!

For fans of Blood Duster, Deicide, The Exploited, Phobia, and Repulsion.

Pre-order the CD at

Pre-order the digital album at

Pre-save this release on Spotify at

Listen to the single, "Human Offals" at


1. I'm Just Gonna Let Myself In

2. Mangled Bodies

3. I Don't Want To Hurt You, I Just Want To Kill You

4. I Keep Hearing Noises In Your Basement

5. Suicide By Cop

6. Human Offals

7. Stabbing People

8. Let's See What's In Those Pockets

9. I Have A House Full Of Guns

10. 21 Nails

11. Where's My Fucking Money

12. Orgy Of Violence

13. Rabies Is A Killer (Agony Bag cover)

Pre-order the T-Shirt HERE

Pre-order the T-Shirt and CD Bundle HERE

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions:

Rising Modern Symphonic Metal Stars AD INFINITUM Unveil Infectious Second Single “Somewhere Better” + Music Video

[photo credit: Nat Enemede]


Rising Modern Symphonic Metal Upstarts AD INFINITUM Unveil Infectious Second Single “Somewhere Better” + Music Video | Watch HERE!
Game-Changing New Album, Chapter III – Downfall,
out March 31, 2023 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!

Since the release of their debut album in 2020, rising modern symphonic metal stars AD INFINITUM have stirred up the scene, and are now about to unveil their electrifying third studio album, Chapter III – Downfall, out March 31 via Napalm Records. Consisting of catchy anthems and heavy, modern riffs paired with the vicious vocal melodies of the incredibly talented Melissa Bonny, AD INFINITUM's unique sound has garnered them millions of video views to date on hits like “Marching on Versailles” and “Unstoppable”. This next mesmerizing offering provides another wave of proof of their breakout success.
With their powerful first single, Upside Down, the multinational band garnered over 250k views on YouTube within just a few days. Now, after returning from several sold out shows on their expanded European and UK tour with Amaranthe, Beyond The Black and Butcher Babies, they have unleashed their next appetizer, “Somewhere Better”.
The new track creates an ethereal, catchy soundscape with screaming guitars colliding with vocalist Melissa Bonny’s haunting, perfectly contrasting voice. Underlining the ballad’s captivating feeling, its video creates a perfect symbiosis both musically and visually, carrying the listener into the new world of AD INFINITUM.
AD INFINITUM on “Somewhere Better“:
“After playing “Somewhere Better” on tour and sharing fantastic and emotional moments with thousands of people all around Europe and the UK, we are thrilled to release this song, together with a video full of memories of our tour with Amaranthe, Beyond the Black and Butcher Babies. Warm greetings to all the people who will spot themselves in this video!”

Check out the video for “Somewhere Better“ HERE:

Chapter III – Downfall bewitches with an innovative sound full of soaring melodic splendor juxtaposed against brooding, dark and even gothic heaviness. Exploring concepts of Ancient Egyptian history and mythology, AD INFINITUM melds a perfect balance of storytelling and technically sophisticated songwriting, spreading their wings in both areas of production and lyricism. Charging instrumentals, pounding drums, chunky, grooving riffs, mind-boggling solos and enchanting orchestrations build the band's unique world of sound as frontwoman-to-watch Melissa Bonny’s soul-stirring cleans and haunting growls put her incredible vocal range on display - dropping jaws with each line.
Produced by AD INFINITUM and Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Chapter III – Downfall showcases that this up-and-coming quartet can effortlessly turn the genre upside down, gracing it with contemporary vibes without forgoing their signature metal origins, and thrilling all metal fans as they rise to the top! 
“The word is out, Chapter III - Downfall is on its way! For this album, we explored stories and legends of Ancient Egypt with, as star character and main inspiration, Cleopatra. We added some extra dimension and sounds to our signature AD INFINITUM sound to create an extra dimension, transporting the listener to mystical landscapes of another era. We are beyond excited to start to unveil this new record!“


Pre-Order your copy of Chapter III – Downfall NOW!

Opening track “Eternal Rains” immediately catches your breath with a captivating chorus, followed by electric “Upside Down”. “Seth” convinces with a resounding modern sound and eerie ambience that’ll have new fans turning heads, whereas “From The Ashes” impresses with reminiscence of artists like Meshuggah, proving that AD INFINITUM never fails to deliver surprises. “Under The Burning Skies” directs its haunting vocals towards the horizon, unfolding into an intense mid-tempo ballad shortly after. As a special treat, AD INFINITUM welcomes Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie, who provides his voice for the atmospheric monologue introduction on “Legends”, paving the way for a touch of Middle Eastern-inspired djent flavor.
1. Eternal Rains
2. Upside Down
3. Seth
4. From The Ashes
5 Somewhere Better
6. The Underworld
7. Ravenous
8. Under The Burning Skies
9. Architect Of Paradise
10. The Serpent's Downfall
11. New Dawn
12. Legends (Featuring Chrigel Glanzmann)

Chapter III – Downfall will be available in the following formats:
1 CD Digipak
CD Digipak + Shirt Bundle
1 LP Gatefold CURACAO – limited to 300 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold Black
Digital Album
[1LP Gatefold Curacao Product Mockup]
Melissa Bonny – Vocals
Adrian Thessenvitz – Guitars
Korbinian Benedict – Bass
Niklas Müller – Drums