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BA’AL DRACONIS: “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas” is released via Sangue Frio Records


The new album by one-man-band from Brazil BA’AL DRACONIS, entitled “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas”, is finally available on all the main streaming and download platforms in the world. The work was released — digitally — in a partnership with Sangue Frio Produções & Records on 11/16/2023 and can be found in full by CLICKING HERE:

“In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas” has 12 tracks recorded at different periods, marking the band’s different moments in recent months. Its physical distribution will be limited to 100 copies (initially), check out all the information HERE:

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Source: Sangue Frio Produções

CD Zarpa - 999

17-11-23 - Demons Records

Tras tres años desde la edición de su último trabajo , la banda Zarpa con su nueva formación y su nuevo sello Discográfico “Demons Records” saca a la luz su nuevo trabajo titulado “999” con un Heavy metal clásico pero totalmente actualizado lleno de temas poderosos con un sonido contundente, sin ningún tipo de artificios , directo y natural, con unas letras variadas y bien construidas y que consta de 10 temas.

Dioses del Metal / 999 / El ogro / A un millón de años / El Heavy es mi destino / Reinos de Miseria / En pie de Guerra / Exterminador / Fieras en la noche / Fuego Solar.

Un nuevo Zarpa ha comenzado una nueva etapa que no te puedes perder!!!


Pedro botero en concierto


Melodic Mosaic: Paula Teles Weaves Tradition and Metal in 'Jogo do Silêncio



In a bold fusion of genres, Paula Teles's latest single, "Jogo do Silêncio," merges symphonic and progressive metal with traditional Portuguese music. This innovative blend is not the result of a premeditated plan but an organic development in the studio with producer Jorge Lopes. "We were in the studio, and ideas just started flowing naturally," Paula reveals. "There was no pre-set rule; we just kept adding fragments that made sense to both of us. I will always have a tendency to write darker music, based on minor keys. So, I let this happen in a free and spontaneous way."

Born in a village between Douro and Minho, Paula's music is deeply influenced by the rural Portuguese culture of the 1940s to 1960s. She recounts how music was a crucial part of life in her village, used to alleviate the hardships of extreme poverty under a repressive regime. "Music was always present, in fieldwork, religious pilgrimages, and evenings by the fireplace. It was a way to perpetuate stories and emotionally connect people," Paula explains. This emotional intensity and translated sadness are what she seeks to capture in her music.

An interesting aspect of "Jogo do Silêncio" is the special collaboration with Bjorn Strid (Soilwork / The Night Flight Orchestra), who, for the first time, sings in Portuguese. Paula, a long-time fan, describes working with Bjorn as an honor. "He's incredibly professional, and in my view, the best male voice in modern metal," she says.

The single delves into the psychological complexities of a female character, a narrative inspired by the stories Paula's mother shared about her childhood. "My mother always enjoyed sharing with me the stories of her childhood. There were so many narratives and characters that stayed in my memory that I ended up combining all their traits into a single character. Everything I narrate in my music are fragments of what I remember hearing from my mother's recollections." Paula says, explaining her narrative choice.

One of the song's poignant themes is the story of a Portuguese soldier who never returned from the Colonial War, reflecting a real-life tragedy from Paula's village. "This is a true story. My mother would tell of a girl who went mad because her beloved never returned. My village lost many sons, brothers, and lovers who were forced to fight in a war from which they never returned. Entire families suffered, longing to receive news (good or bad)!", Paula shares.

When asked about her place in the symphonic metal genre, Paula clarifies that "Jogo do Silêncio" is not a typical symphonic metal project. Her classical training influences her singing style, and the use of the Portuguese guitar and melodies inspired by fado set her apart. "This is not a symphonic metal project. However, as I have classical training, I do not forsake that influence in the way I sing. The presence of the Portuguese guitar, the melody influenced by fado, and the melancholic yet intense atmosphere are some of the aspects that distinguish my music", she states.

Paula Teles's "Jogo do Silêncio" is a unique musical journey that pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Portugal. With its blend of symphonic and progressive metal and traditional Portuguese elements, the single is sure to captivate fans of bands like Epica and Nightwish, while offering something distinctively its own.


Artist: Paula Teles
Release Title: Jogo do Silêncio
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: September 13, 2023
Format: Digital
Genre: Symphonic Metal, Prog Metal, World Music
Country: Portugal


  • Paula Teles - Vocals
    Jorge Lopes - Solo guitar and Portuguese guitar


    1. "Jogo do Silêncio"


    Dutch Female-Fronted Symphonic Metal Sensation Beyond God Signs With Wormholedeath



    Joins Forces with Wormholedeath for Symphonic Metal Spectacle


    Get ready for a thrilling symphonic metal journey as the talented female-fronted band Beyond God sets its sights on a remarkable musical horizon. This Dutch sensation has signed a deal with Wormholedeath for their highly anticipated album "The Great Divide", slated for release on December 8, 2023.

    Watch the album announcement video here:


    The magic begins with the release of their latest single, "A Siren’s Cry," a spellbinding composition that will immerse you in the rich tapestry of the band's symphonic metal.


    Stream "A Siren’s Cry" Single HERE

    Beyond God, hailing from the Netherlands is a female-fronted symphonic metal force that defies musical boundaries. With a fusion of heavy metal, classical, and symphonic elements, they masterfully blend thunderous guitars, resonant bass, and dynamic drums with the delicate touch of symphonic strings, brass ensembles, and enchanting vocals. Presenting the current lineup with Meryl Foreman on vocals, Mariusz Krawitowski on guitars, Dennis Winkel on bass, and founder Ferry Guns on drums, piano, and orchestrations, Beyond God's journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

    Since the release of their debut album, "A Moment Of Black," in 2016, they embarked on a triumphant international tour, amassing an ever-growing global fan base. Their evolution continued with the release of "Dying To Feel Alive" in 2017, featuring aggressive riffs and a dynamic rhythm section, all while retaining their signature dark orchestral atmosphere and melodic vocal lines. A special acoustic album in 2019 reflected on their musical journey thus far. Now, they stand on the precipice of their third full-length metal album, promising an even more profound symphonic metal experience.

    "The Great Divide" is an odyssey through the human psyche, a musical voyage that delves into the intricacies of time, love, memory, and existence. Each track intertwines with the next, creating a tapestry of themes that range from the captivating tales of Greek mythology in "Cronos" to the heart-wrenching aftermath of lost love in "After Love Ends."

    Musically, "The Great Divide" embraces the darker, weightier realms of metal with fierce guitar riffs, thundering drums, and ethereal orchestral arrangements. Yet, it's Meryl Foreman's entrancing vocals that breathe life into these songs, evoking profound emotions in every note.

    From the thought-provoking "The Great Divide" and "Coronation," addressing contemporary sociopolitical issues, to the deeply personal "A Siren's Cry" and "Aphantasia," exploring the depths of love, loss, and the human psyche, this album is a symphonic masterpiece. Beyond God offers a fresh take on the genre, revealing their formidable musical prowess and their power to convey compelling narratives.

    Beyond God is:

    Meryl Foreman – Vocals
    Ferry Guns – Drums & Orchestration
    Dennis Winkel – Bass
    Mariusz Krawitowski – Guitars

    Stay connected with Beyond God:

    "The Great Divide" cover & tracklist:


    1. Cronos
    2. Frostbite
    3. Coronation
    4. Heartbreaker
    5. The Great Divide
    6. A Siren's Cry
    7. Pierced
    8. The Elder Tree
    9. Aphantasia
    10. After Love Ends