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 Last Saturday 26/2 we attended the concert offered by the Barcelona band Dekta and Eternal Psicho from Madrid in the Wolf room in the Poble Nou neighborhood in Barcelona.
I remember in time following the page of the band Dekta, recently released their first album "Dekta" (2017) and even talking to them on Messenger to go see them in 2019 at the presentation with their first album in the now defunct Monasterio room, that time they were already playing with Eternal Psicho with whom they form a great tandem and another band called Illusion, in the end another commitment arose and I did not go to the concert, then the Covid-19 pandemic arrived and although I saw some video of theirs on the networks I lost the track not paying due attention to them... but yes, I always thought I was indebted to the concert of those "masked men".

 Until a few days ago I received a Messenger from Rust his drums, personally promoting the concert and we had a conversation in which I promised that Ana and I would go see them and chronicle the concert, now that I collaborate with the international fanzine Bathory Zine .
Coincidence or not, fate put me to the test again when Didac Metallian López "El Presi" from Bathory Zine told me that he had free access to another Metal concert that same night to cover it with a chronicle.
I do not know if it was a free ticket that was left over , appearing on the guest list or a press accreditation , altruistic as the fanzine is , but for me it was very important , it was my first free pass to a concert on my own merits writing live chronicles.
Damn what a fucking dream I'm living and what a high! But...
Despite still not having the tickets for Dekta & Eternal Psicho purchased, I declined the invitation, because it was the second time that I had committed to Dekta and it was their time and now I could do something to help them spread internationally that I would not have been able to do in 2019.

 I was able to greet the always charming and attentive Raquel, in charge of the room, who introduced me to Jordi "Pelut", the technical piece of sound from the Wolf room, and he explained to me the recent restructuring of the sound in the room in which the 4 previous Adamson boxes for another 4 of the superior model IS 10 P, they have also remodeled the "Front Feel" by placing speakers to cover the sound in the first 5 or 6 rows of the public, they added sound on the sides of the room and a Delay with Point 12 Adamson 218 and all amplified with Power Soft and Lab Gruppen so that the sound does not decay and reaches the farthest corner of the stage with quality and clarity, leaving the Wolf room with excellent sound quality for live shows and if We add to that the organization and involvement of the staff that works there, we find ourselves with a completely remodeled concert hall run by very professional people who emerge from the ashes of the old Mr. Lobo room that It has nothing to do with the current one , the truth is that it is a venue to take into account when organizing and attending concerts in the city .

About 70 people showed up one night with a loose entry. Too bad the little support given by the public to the national bands of their own songs, but in general in this country we are not a public that supports our bands no matter how much they have an international level as is the case with Eternal Psicho and Dekta, although I hope and wish that with the hard work they are doing, they will go far with their music.
The concert was shared in time on stage by the two bands, no one opened for anyone, Dekta played the last ones because they were the local band, but a few days before on 2/18 in the Cadabra hall in Madrid they had offered this concert and the order was invested for being Eternal Psicho originally from there.
... And Eternal Psicho went on stage eating everything from the first moment practicing a current and intense Nu Metal with a great instrumental level , many musical changes in their songs and in the voice recordings with numerous samplers , somewhere I had read that they played a style of Industrial Metal , but in my concept of that style I did not hear anything of Industrial Metal either on their album or live .

Jorge Pesado usually has the solo guitar and musical piece that I saw in him, Lucky the other great guitarist also has the guttural voices of the group giving the most beastly changes to the songs with his vocal interventions complemented by the beautiful frontwomen of the band Beka with various vocal registers that range from melodic to heartbreaking, on many occasions she reminded me of my idolized Carla and Heidi from Butcher Babies, she has a great live show with a strong personality on stage, the forceful rhythmic base is made up of Maxi downstairs who was on stage a fresh direct , current not so classic Heavy Metal and together with him they presented the new drummer Arjan Vanderwisjt , a brown beast that seemed that he had stopped sculpting prows of Drakkars to play with Eternal .

They played a total of 11 songs 9 of them from their only album to date and three The Living Dead , Fire Will Fire and Empty Of Promises in advance of the imminent CD that will be released and that promises a lot of thrashing , after their concert they attended those who They wanted photos and records at the merchandising table and there I was able to chat with Beka and Jorge, then also with Lucky and Arjan who ran through the audience.
It didn't take long for them to change the bands and Dekta took over the stage and with their strong visual impact with the very macabre-looking Slipknot-style masks, with the jackets of the same dark tracksuits except for their singer Cubitus who was wearing a black shirt and not there was some hint of classic Heavy Metal gear.
They opened forcefully with "When Everything Burns" song that gives title to their second album that they presented that night, let's see... how do I define their music that is my personal opinion, technically I would say that it is an alternative Groove Metal very based on Metal from the 90s , colloquially and to be understood as a Stone Sour , to cite an example , Corey Taylor 's band from Slipknot but as a whole Dekta are more powerful , with scenes of Linkin Park normally in its most insane part although also they remind me of them on the album in more melodic parts.


ETERNAL PSYCHO - Empty of Promises (Official Video)



 So musically they are not Slipknot imitators at all.
During the concert the whole band Lester, Billy, Cubitus and Randy maintained a very hard front line while Rust roasted us never better said marching the drums, they were seen with incisive desire to unload rage and that is how they sounded completely reeling off all their new album except the song "Dived" that they changed to "Lost My World" which is a new song that they have not yet released in the studio, with this they already show the desire they have to evolve and present their new stage, it caught my attention that to appear in this style, they do not use guttural voices that I like so much, but the truth is that they do not need them and the scratchy schizo voice gives them a personal touch, sometimes alternating it with a more melodic one.
They used more atmospheric lighting throughout their performance which along with their visual impact of the masks was spot on while Eternal Psicho used more flashy lighting, the two bands hit the jackpot with the lighting for their styles.
At the end they kindly attended all the public and not one who did not wish to leave the room with a photo or their signed CD.


DEKTA - When Everything Burns (Official Video)


 For my part, I bought the cd's from each band, "Your Demons Are Real" from Eternal Psicho and "When Everything Burns" from Dekta and I was already late to take their first album that they had already sold out, there on the table after the concert I could talk and see closely with one of the guitarists one of the masks that are a hesitant design, articulated and although rigid they simulate the flexibility of tightness of the skin giving them a very Ed Gein Leatherface look.
Although he confessed to me that it was a burden to play with them !!!! LOL
In short, a great night to kick off post-pandemic concerts in a great room, a reunion of friends after so long and a good dose of Metal with fresh and evolved airs that were offered by two bands that join forces with different styles within the novelties that they offer in their sound each one, with highly recommended albums and live shows.



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