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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Interview with Madhouse by Didac López

01 - Madhouse was formed in 1987, since then you released the demo
     GOIN CRAZY (1988) and MADHOUSE (1989) and the albums, later I think you separated
     and each member joined other bands (correct me if I'm wrong), and after a
     brief stop, you met again in 2016, launching the following year another demo
     titled PURE METAL which had good reviews like the previous two and a year
     Next you released your first album METAL OR DIE! And now you are promoting
     your second album BRAINDEAD, which has changed from your first works to this

1. A lot has changed since before. The recording technique has become much more complicated and complex.

    We needed significantly more time for the recordings. But due to our long experience in the music business, we put it away well and it was great fun despite all the adversities.

 02 - Who composes the lyrics and what are they about?

2.The lyrics are composed by Carsten and Didi. The lyrics are versatile and go in no particular direction.They deal with everyday problems in a relationship (Who made you God) or from a serial killer (Oscar).

 03- Do any of the members of Madhouse play in any other band today?

3.No,not at this time.

 04 - How do you see the current scene from today to the 80's?

4. In the 80s there were far fewer bands than today. There are many concerts in and around Hamburg and it has become difficult to get the clubs full.There are also many more different currents in Heavy Metal than before.
 05 - I am from the Catalunya area in Spain, and talking to old school metalheads
     they say when bands like Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Iron Maiden, Heavy Metal
     will disappear (I do not think the same), you who believe?

5. Heavy Metal will never die! We believe that enough young bands will follow.

06 - Today, all festivals have been canceled by VOC19, and many bands have
     dedicated to recording videos from home for fans, have you done something like that?

6. Until recently we were still working on our CD. A video of the song "Never say die" will appear shortly. We also keep in touch with our fans on social media.

 07 - When the pandemic passes, do you plan to go on tour soon?

7. As soon as we are allowed to perform again, we definitely want to do that. Of course we also want to present our new CD Braindead to our fans.

 08 - Here in my country when the confinement opens and concerts and festivals can be done
     The capacity will only be allowed to 30% of the capacity of the hall or of the festivals.
     Do you think this will be profitable for bands and promoters?

8. We don´t know at the moment how things will go in Germany, but it will be very difficult for bands and promoters.

8. We don´t know at the moment how things will go in Germany, but it will be very difficult for bands and promoters.
We would be happy to be able to perform again.

 09 - I persomally, did not know your band until recently BRAINDEAD arrived, which
     It is one of the works that I listen to most lately, it is an album that hooked me from the first
     Topic: What would you say to the fans who still haven't heard you?

9. We live and love Heavy Metal and are always passionate about it. We put a lot of work into this album and hope to inspire people with our "Old School Metal" with modern influences.

 10 - Finally, thanks for responding to the interview. Say what you want to the people who follow
     Bathory Digital Magazine. Thanks and here you have a new fan of the band.


10. We would be happy if people like our CD and attend our concerts. Especially in these difficult times it is important that the Heavy Metal scene holds together. Raise the flag of Heavy Metal and stay healthy!

Thank you for your time and effort

 By Didac López

1. Who Made You God
2. Never Say Die
3. Poisoned Blood
4. Break The Ice
5. Braindead
6. Save Your Soul
7. Last Man Standing
8. Knights Of Avalon
9. Evil Fantasies
10. Oscar
11. Psycho God (Remix)
Total Playing Time: 45:40 min

Didi 'Shark' Schulz - vocals
Carsten Krekow - guitars
Thomas Gamlien - guitars
Lars Rothbarth - bass
Paul Slabiak – drums