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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

HAUNTED GODS - LEGENDS (Power Metal fro Spain)

Since we started we wanted Haunted Gods to be a power metal oriented band with the objective
to pay tribute to the groups we grew up with, but contributing our own vision of gender. Always
we have been attracted by the sound of that Power Metal from the late 90s and early 2000s,
so we decided to merge it with our influences deeply rooted in traditional music or bands
sound of the great rpg games. The lyrics of both works to date address themes inspired by events
historical, mythological or fantastic, always with the intention of transmitting a message or a concept.
The idea of ​​publishing a first EP came out at the end of 2017 as a way to give out some of the songs that
We already had compounds and they had a good live response. Problems in training us
they forced to look for a substitute, Kelo Almiñana, who perfectly fulfilled his mission and mental image
that we had for the songs, while giving us the opportunity to finally launch our work at
After the publication of “Myths & Tales”, Txell joined as a singer and we began to shape new
work while we presented the first in Razzmatazz 3 or the X Festival de la Berguedana de Thrash
receiving a good reception from the critics. Due to some setbacks with the study the publication
This second job has been delayed until the end of 2019, but our new job will now be released,
"Legends", which includes some old themes that have been given a new way to adapt them to changes
of training and new ones who want to go further.
With the new EP we also want to introduce the new group formation, which not only includes Txell, but
also two new members: Marc (guitar) also drummer for Deldrac and Redshark, and Nil (bass). The group
He now has a stable background and is eager to go out and defend this job live while
We are already working on a more ambitious project that we will shape during 2020.
In project: Video clip (12/20/2019) and lyric video (January 2020)
Relevant Concerts
- Evnen + Last Dissonance + Cendres + Haunted Gods (Razzmatazz 3 - 03/09/2019)
- X Berguedana Thrash Festival (Gironella - 04/13/2019)
- Forge + Curial + Haunted Gods (Pub Inferno Terrassa - 10/26/2019)
- Tales of Gaia + Illusion + Haunted Gods (Monasterio - 11/15/2019)
- Mollitiam + Haunted Gods (Monastery - 12/08/2019)


 Carles Soler - Guitar

David Saus - Drums

Marc del Rincon - Guitar
Nil Gómez - Bass player

Txell Cabedo -Vocals