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Thursday, May 14, 2020


Plusiongrax is the gathering of 4 boys from relatively different musical horizons, such as Thiefaine referring to one, Tool for another, Iron Maiden / Holy Land for a third and Dimmu Borgir for the last ... very heteroclite!

But the same desire to present our thoughts, emotions and impulses for music and texts.

The music is precisely composed by the whole group, the titles mature and the interpretations to finally serve and present the text.

Texts ... often double or even triple the interpretation, these are texts they listen to but also read, their ears can play tricks ...

First PASSAGE album available on all digital and physical platforms


1 Les poètes

2 l’balanced

3 Naguère des étoiles

4 L’écran d’arrêt

5 Murmurs à la mer

6 Matilda

7 Le gout de la grenade

8 L’ombre de soie

9 Vapeur

10 Ce jour là

Bonus «source de l’amer»:

11 Luciolle

12 Tout le monde m’en

You can contact us at our email address.
and Facebook:

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