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Friday, December 9, 2022

GOLGATA – UR ELD OCH ASKA ( Review by Varg The Mighty )


Today’s review is of Swedish Melodic Black Metal band Golgata’s new album.

This release clearly has the essence of Golgata, although the band’s direction seems to have shifted. While the atmospheres are similar to the ones on “Tempel”, this new full-length is notably less aggressive, leaning more to a sort of Folk-influenced Atmospheric Black Metal concept.

The release is still really enjoyable and has its catchy songs, and certainly the approach has allowed even more epic results, though some fans may not enjoy this as much as previous releases. In my opinion, this is still Golgata, and the more prominent use of clear vocals yields good results, but one should listen to it expecting something dark and mystic, though in no way extreme. The album shows an interesting evolution. My personal highlights are the title track and “Liv For En Gud”.

I recommend this album to fans of Melodic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal and Folk Black Metal. My rating is of 9/10.