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All about Amygdala, the new from Evnen

All about Amygdala, the new from Evnen

On February 5, the Catalans Evnen released Amygdala, their powerful new two-track single. In this release, the young blackened death metal band shows an important leap forward, sounding more forceful and rocky, fast and lethal, realizing that leaving keyboards behind was a great success.
Once again recorded in AXTUDIO, the song ‘Amygdala’ is a true cannon shot at full blast, not without careful melodies. For its part, ‘Suffering’ is the strongest, presenting interesting ideas such as Daniel Aparicio's careful treatment of bass.
Be that as it may, Amygdala shows us some Evnen with a bright future ahead of them, a dark band that not even the pandemic has managed to stop. You can already listen to this work on the main platforms, and start to salivate at the idea of ​​how overwhelming his next work will be.
Fans of Behemoth, Belphegor, Necrophobic or Dissection, don't even think about it.

Apple Music:
Don't miss the brutal lyric video for 'Amygdala' on YouTube



PARALELUM news and new video: "No one is real"

Good morning and greetings. It is a pleasure to offer you juicy news from one of our most interesting metal bands such as PARALELUM. Just a few days ago, in the press release in which we updated the present of the bands on the Lady Stone Music roster, we said that there were news to be told regarding the group from Madrid. Well, here we have them (although in a few days we will expand information and tell you more about the immediate future of the group) and we thank you for spreading them.
The first thing, in terms of the band's own activity, they are the ones who advance us these first news:
With the maxim of advancing even in times full of unknowns that we are having to live, PARALELUM have tried to respond to the cancellation of their tour "Under The Tour" (remember that after a few first dates in February 2020 it had to be postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic) the only way they know: Fighting back harder. Therefore, they immediately focused on the search for ideas for what will be the continuation of their debut album.
It can be said that the composition process is at a very advanced level and that during this year 2021 they will lock themselves in the studio to finish shaping a set of songs that will mark a new step in the evolution of the band, bringing us a darker sound, more polished, but not exempt from the viscerality that characterizes them. Moving forward while remembering where they come from.
But as this whole process takes place from the inside out, they decided to contact Jorge Alonso, with whom they had already recorded the video for “Fat And Crazy” at the time (specifically in 2014) to shape this new video clip with which they seek to remember to the world that are still alive and with more enthusiasm than ever. Shall we start with this new video the next news of the group ?:

PARALELUM - "No one is real"... Parental advisory, explicit content... He who warns is not a traitor. Do you dare to see it?

About the new video clip, the theme of the song and what they intend to show us with the video itself, they themselves explain more about this "No one is real":
I think it was Alan Moore (reputed British countercultural writer, and one of the most important figures in the world of modern comics) who said: "You wear a mask for so long that you forget who you are under it." And so it is, in the XXI century when we are supposedly more interconnected, the individual is more alone than ever. Nobody knows us, nobody knows who we are, we are only an unreal projection of what we think the rest want to see.
We don't hear each other, we don't understand each other, and like the prisoners of Plato's cave myth, we believe that what we observe is the real world rather than distorted shadows of truth. No One Is Real is a desperate cry, a last chance to break the fourth wall and reconnect with our essence ... Will it be able to pass censorship and the first barrier of political correctness?
In addition, the metalheads PARALELUM will resume shortly, finally !, their live activity to present (or resume the presentation, rather) what was their first album in 2018 ... We will tell you news about it in a few days ... On the other hand , there are new songs, there is news, there is desire and the illusion is also intact, but for now the important thing is to leave the consequences of the pandemic behind and little by little to resume the activity as a band and continue moving forward. Pay attention to social networks that soon there will be surprises and extra news, but for now we leave it here ...

General information / bio of PARALELUM:
Mestizo children of metal, rock and hardcore, PARALELUM have since 2013 been delving into the roots of their multiple and varied influences to feed and grow a dynamic, visceral and forceful concept, as well as melodic, that escapes from the growing standardization of music.

PARALELUM is defined by a forceful sound, and by compositions endowed with infinite nuances that reflect different states of mind. All this without giving up the fusion with the most visceral rock. From the bases of groups like SABBATH to of course PANTERA, SEPULTURA or the first METALLICA and SLAYER, passing through the fierceness of hardcore and bands like HATEBREED, CHIMAIRA, DEVIL DRIVER, MACHINE HEAD or LAMB OF GOD without forgetting the influence of groups like BIOHAZARD or SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, and even MADBALL and AGNOSTIC FRONT.

Add to it the influence of rock and alternative metal from the 90s and early 2000s from bands as innovative then as SOAD, WHITE ZOMBIE, FAITH NO MORE and others, even the hint of national bands like HAMLET or those KTULU and ASPID, and the mix it is explosive. In fact, the ignition that occurs live when they take the stage is something to note.
The band, made up of Diego Perela (Voice), Sebastián Comesaña (Guitar), Javier Pérez (Bass) and Juan Marín (Drums) works hard to add vigor to their music, and bring it together until it achieves a powerful and unmistakable sound. In 2015 they released their first EP, “While you sleep” and in 2018 their first full album, “Under the roots”, whose continuation they are already preparing and will be released in 2021 ...

To finish we give you the contact information and links of PARALELUM:


SPELLFORGER premiere new track at "Decibel" magazine's website

Today, ancient metal upstarts SpellForger premiere the new track "Lord of Possession" at Decibel magazine's website. The track is the first to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated debut EP, Upholders of Evil, set for international release on April 2nd via Personal Records, the new label imprint of Majestic Downfall mainman Jacobo Córdova. Hear SpellForger's "Lord of Possession" in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Hailing from Indonesia, SpellForger began early 2020, highly influenced by early proto-black metal such as Celtic Frost, early Slayer, Bathory, Possessed, and also modern black metal-influenced thrash metal bands such as Cruel Force, Deathhammer, Condor, and Inculter. And since most of the members are a huge fans of the old-school style of death metal, SpellForger's music also bears some slight '90s death metal influences, as well.

SpellForger was formed by Demi Raldi (AKA Middernacht), and then he also invited a close friend named Jamie (AKA Carrion), who is also guitarist in the black metal bands Ashtarothum and Neurotic of Gods. Together, they then invited a veteran black metal drummer named Yaya (AKA L. Tchort), who has been involved in the black metal scene since the mid '90s. Some time after, SpellForger was finally formed, with Middernacht recruiting a friend named Fauzan (AKA Horrifier) to fill the position of bassist even though his real skill is playing drums.

A few weeks after the band had formed, SpellForger started to write their first single, "Pestilentia," and it was recorded three weeks later without any rehearsal. The song is widely well-received with black/thrash fans, with some viewing the band as giving a new, fresh injection into their local metal scene - this because Indonesia (in this case, Bandung) is widely known for its huge death metal scene, mainly focused on the brutal/slam style, which has largely been overdone. Instead, SpellForger wanted to revive the spirit of old-school metal within their local scene, bringing a strong anti-poser attitude in their music and lyrics. The band are also against any other sort of trends that've been going on for quite some time within that local scene.

Now, SpellForger have signed with Personal Records for their debut EP, Upholders of Evil. Bearing six tracks in 22 minutes, Upholders of Evil is a fresh blast of old air, the band honoring the ancient ways - actual songwriting, live playing, unpolished recording - with utmost aplomb whilst never reeking of "retro" regressionism. Simply put, this is METAL played METAL maniacs. Indeed, the EP is aptly titled, for SpellForger likewise exude a tangible evil here: never overwrought nor overly obvious, this atmosphere authentically harkens to those ancient forebears.

And this is just the start for SpellForger. The future is wide open to destroy, so prepare for these Upholders of Evil or get out of their way!

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Lord of Possession" exclusively HERE, courtesy of Decibel, North America's only monthly metal magazine. Also hear the original single version of "Pestilentia" HERE at SpellForger's Bandcamp; a re-recorded version will be on Upholders of Evil. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for SpellForger's Upholders of Evil
1. Upholders of Evil
2. Lord of Possession
3. Metal Crusaders
4. Curse Of The Lycans
5. Black Spellcrafters
6. Pestilentia



Majestic Black Metal hailing from the Arctic Nordland: UTBYRD pre-orders are online now!

Majestic Black Metal hailing from the Arctic Nordland region that will run a shiver down your spine. A timeless classic that finally sees its’ physical release!

Hailing from Bodø (Nordland), Utbyrd was formed back in 2012. The band aimed to create their own unique blend of Black Metal and symphonic influences. In 2014 the band started the recording of ‘Varskrik’. An endeavor that would take up to around 2017 to finish. The symphonic/orchestral parts on the album are composed and performed by Clemens Wijers of Carach Angren, the influential Dutch Symphonic/Black Metal band. Moving forward in time Petrichor discovered that the album ‘Varskrik’ never saw a physical release. In our humble opinion this album is a classic that should be heard/discovered by many. In roughly 47 minutes Utbyrd takes you on a journey that will leave you behind longing for more. A timeless, melodic Black Metal classic that finally sees its’ physical release.

• LP comes as 180 grams audiophile vinyl with download card
• CD comes as a deluxe edition with slipcase
• Album cover by Marcelo Vasco (Slayer, Borknagar, Kreator, Enslaved)
• Features Clemens Wijers of Carach Angren as guest musician
• Never seen a physical release before
• Norwegian Black Metal

Pre-order now on CD/LP/MC/T-Shirt

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PLASTIC TEARS: Present The Official Video To "Communication"


Plastic Tears - "Communication" Official Video - YouTube

"Communication" is a track taken from Plastic Tears upcoming album "Anthems For Misfits" due for release on 26 03 2021 via Wormholedeath.

Band comment:
"Communication" was originally released as the b-side of the ‘Look of Lies’ single, which anticipated the upcoming ‘Anthems For Misfits’ album. On this re-released version the audio featured is the new album version of Communication, which has been remixed. The video includes scenes shot in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium whilst on tour. The video fits these times well, when traveling is just a beautiful memory, and touring can’t be done.

Faithful to their style the video is a fast punk rock’n’roller, and you might want to watch it a few times to notice all the details."

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The band mixes classic rock with pop, punk, hard rock and glam for a unique sound. The music is just fun, the content never loses contact with personality and reality and, above all, has absolutely catchy refrains they produced an excellent album that is full of confidence, charm, great melodies and a care-free attitude!

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Plastic Tears are:

Lead vocalist Miqu December

Drummer Eco Xtasy

Bassist Edu Kettunen

Guitarists Andy Whitewine and Juha Pietiläinen


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