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KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION Announce their Album FLOWERS AND LIES on MR Records

'Flowers and Lies' – by

'Flowers and Lies' – by "KMC3" Official music video release


AUSTRALIA (June 21, 2021) — KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION announce their new album FLOWERS AND LIES to be released on July 11th via MR Records.

You can watch the video at

Listen and purchase Flowers And Lies:

Lead vocalist Paul Kaiser, "FLOWERS AND LIES... my metaphor for those people that fear reality. In that I mean... someone may put up with deceit and disloyalties so to keep the peace and take the flowers and lies.  Being a foolish acceptance, they fake a smile and convince themselves they are right 'they wouldn't lie to me' and if need be, even defend it fiercely. Without ever knowing the truth or even investigating. It is the ultimate ignorance. This also applies to general beliefs in Politics and Politicians, Scientists, the Media and the body corporate and runs as a theme throughout the album."

'Kaiser and the Machines of Creation’ are certainly not the stereotypical band. Their songwriting and production are exemplary. Their music videos take you on a journey, which is missing in many music videos throughout the world. This 9 track album takes the listener on a journey of imagination and thought provoking diversity. MR Records are extremely proud to be involved with the release of ‘Flowers and Lies'. - Peter Naylor, A&R MR Records

Ever wondered how Bauhaus would sound if they dabbled in Hard Rock, you’d get a fair enough idea by hitting play on Kaiser and the Machines Of Creation. You’ll still get to absorb plenty of arrestingly technical soaring guitar riffs which you’re accustomed to in Hard Rock, but irrefutably Kaiser and the Machines Of Creation are the much-needed antidote to the sterility in the genre. -

Melody-laden mix of prog metal, pop rock and off-the-wall vaudeville that really has no close relatives in the world of metal
This is seriously intelligent, well-thought out stuff. This is an album that undoubtedly ultimately deserves and demands repeated listens and deep immersion. dig in and take delight in one of the most intriguing artists thrown up by the Australian hard rock scene in aeons… -

Blend of Hard Rock, great Melodies The Beatles and Bowie with a dark old school Gothic tang. -

This is Flowers and Lies, the debut album for this line-up of Australian hard rock sensations, Kaiser and the Machines of Creation. Primarily recorded in late 2018 to early 2019 with additional tracks recorded in 2020, the band is now able to bring you the physical release of the album.

'KAISER and the Machines of Creation' is the brainchild of Australian songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Paul Kaiser. Now, in it's third incarnation, the outfit has announced it's debut album, 'Flowers And Lies'. The nine song release is an eclectic mix of soaring, melodic, hook-laden classic hard rock, expertly blended with the roar of the new.

Welcome to the Machine!

Track Listing:
Paul Kaiser – Vocals, guitars
Steve Anderson – Bass
Matt Redmond – Keyboards
Simon Timoschenko – Drums

A special thank you to our very special guest backing vocalist... "Jennifer DeGrassi".
'Flowers and Lies' the song was recorded at 'Ghostnote Studios' in Adelaide
Recorded by Jimmy Balderston.
Edited by Colby Robertson 
Mixed by Jimmy Balderston and assisted by Paul Kaiser
Mastered by Leon Zervus at Studio 301, Sydney, Australia.


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LA Melo-Death Trio VAELMYST Releasing 'Secrypts of the Egochasm' on August 13


Los Angeles (CA) - Melodic Death Metal trio VAELMYST will self-release full-length debut album, Secrypts of the Egochasm, on August 13. First single "Dawnless" is available at The song is also available on Spotify.

Hailing from hallowed depths and set on overshadowing slain remains, VAELMYST have come forth as conduits of spiritual violence through a brutal melodic death metal delivery. Conceived in Los Angeles during the winter of 2017, the melo-death ensemble slowly expanded not only in size but in power as well through an expanded palette of sonic mastery and a mindset firm on a commitment to obliterate. VAELMYST burst onto the scene just months later with an earth-shattering EP (Earthly Wounds) and single that would cement the group as one to keep an eye on.

Now the hour dawns upon us for the release of their full-length debut album Secrypts Of The Egochasm, which contains a succulent blend of death-driven heavy metal that is sure to satisfy the appetite of ravenous heavy metal starved ghouls and fiends alike. 

VAELMYST will perform at Psycho Las Vegas on Saturday, August 21.


Track Listing:

1. Espirit De Corps
3. Spineless Throne
4. The Ghost of Ire
5. Ghoulish Delight
6. Envenom The Sea
7. Into The Egochasm
8. The Coin of This Realm

Album Credits:

All songs written/performed/produced by Vaelmyst

Guitars/Bass performed by Ronny Lee Marks
Vocals Performed by Jonathan V.
Drums performed by Wyatt Bentley

Recorded and mixed by Ronny Lee Marks
Mastered by Arthur Rizk
Guest Solo on “Ghoulish Delight” by Tyler Sturgill of Xoth

Album Art by Travis Smith

Ronny Lee Marks – Guitars/Bass
Jonathan V – Vocals
Wyatt Bentley – Drums

Bizarrekult playthrough video online!

Bizarrekult proudly presents a playthrough video for their song 'Galskap' from the upcoming album 'Vi Overlevde' due for July 2nd. Here you can see the result of their efforts and enjoy a song that combines slower and faster parts sprinkled with a dose of melody and a dash of Nature's gentle soft breeze slowly building up to a destructive storm.

Listen to "Galskap" here:

Pre-order Hammerheart Store:
Pre-order Napalm Records Europe/World:
Pre-order Napalm Records USA:

Bizarrekult is bridging the two identities of it mastermind - philosophical depth of frozen Siberian steppe and the majestic beauty of Norwegian soil on this debut album!

Coming from Oslo, Norway, Bizarrekult is bridging the two identities of it mastermind - philosophical depth of frozen Siberian steppe and the majestic beauty of Norwegian soil on this debut album. Bizarrekult was formed back in 2006 as a response to the chaos of the surroundings and already with a first demo got attention through 2000 copy split CD release. However, following the second studio demo and then a two track rehearsal demo in Bergen, the project was laid on ice. “Vi Overlevde” (we survived) speaks to the heart of every post-Black Metal fan that is looking for something different. The tracks are filled with great riffing and beautiful melodies, tightly connected to the lyrical themes of frustration, despair, sorrow, forgiveness and finally - hope.

• LP comes as 180 grams audiophile vinyl with download card
• CD comes as a deluxe edition with slipcase)
• Produced by Miguel Tereso (Gaerea, Analepsy)
• Artwork by Ivan Gladkih (Wowod, Supruga)

Vi Overlevde
CD (Jewelcase)
Vi Overlevde
LP (180 Grams Splatter vinyl)
Vi Overlevde
Vi Overlevde
LP (180 Grams Black vinyl)
Vi Overlevde
LP (180 Grams Marble vinyl)
Vi Overlevde


NONE Becomes Divine with the “Never Know” Video


NONE Becomes Divine with the Video for “Never Know”

Few days after the release of his new album Interdimensional War Poetry, the California-based Neofolk Artist NONE is proud to share the official video for the track “Never Know”.

Watch the video on the YouTube channel of The Metallist PR!

The mastermind Nicholas Mendiola stated about the song’s meaning:


The sublime, the constant flow together, and all the divine

It’s ludicrous. Where and why is it? Being, nothingness and the space in between - creation, the creator

Why? My past, the now and future tense

I call out your name

In your divine

Supreme dedication to the craft

This is who I am and I’ll never change

Can I become you

Together, with victory all the divine

I am you

and why.


For Nicholas, NONE is the deity of his creation and the eternal version of himself. The purpose and mission of his contemporary life were to discover himself as the true voice and host that NONE speaks through - and to leave the word and mark of NONE upon the world not only to affect other present beings of the earth and multiverse but to leave traces for future lives to again discover their true identity.

Like the omnipotent gods of other's previous worship NONE requires supreme devotion and all of the words spoken by Nicholas; his thoughts, his actions, experiences, and memories become one with the legacy of NONE. It is the duty of the prophet to carry this torch in his present time and into the next - past, present, future forever.

Grab your copy of Interdimensional War Poetry! The album is available in digital download at the following link:



Here is the tracklist:

I. Battlefields: The New Dark Gospel (11:13)

II. Chaining Ethereal Comatose (10:15)

III. No Guts No Glory (5:47)

IV. Metaphor Of My Reign (3:24)

V. Never Known (6:59)

VI. Pride And Blood (4:45)



All Instruments and Vocals by None except:


Track I: C.G Bloodcrown (Guest Backup Vocals)

Track II: S.K.B Soul Of Fire (Guest Electric Guitar Solo)

Track III: John Bradford Schuler (Session Drums)

Track V: John Bradford Schuler (Session Drums), Patrick Corona (Guest Saxophone Solo)

Track VI: John Bradford Schuler (Session Drums)


NONE Online:






The Metallist PR:

Monday, June 21, 2021

VRIESS - Vriess (XENOKORP Militia Series Release: 6 August 2021)


Even though consisting in extremely affordable CD releases, the XENOKORP Militia Series, created to help new artists kickstart their careers, isn't a cheap offering however and, after DEFENESTRATION's "Gutter Perdition", the series' first iteration, the Korporation is proud to announce the recruitment of France Thrash / Death Metalers VRIESS for the release of their debut EP as part of the Militia!
Named after the ALIEN IV character, VRIESS is the contaminated Thrash / Death Metal child of the 2020 pandemic formed by PROJECT FOR BASTARDS members Greg and Chris (also ex-THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK) that decided to start working back on songs the later started creating a decade before, mixing groovy and heavy riffs, Thrash Metal’s appetite for speed and Death Metal’s hungriness for rotten atmospheres.
The band's self-titled debut, featuring none others than drummer extraordinaire Kévin PARADIS (BENIGHTED, MITHRIDATIC...) behind the kit and mesmerizing bassist Linus KLAUSENITZER (ALKALOID, ex-OBSCURA...) completing the line-up, features five heavy and punishing Thrash / Death songs with even a guest solo by DARKANE's Christopher MALMSTRÖM on one.
It will be released on August 6 as a unique print of 500 copies on CD and, of course, digital, with a first single to be unleashed on June 18 on all streaming platforms as well as as on the late June FRENCH METAL compilation CD.


  1. Chapter I - The Fight
  2. Chapter II - The Curse
  3. Chapter III - The Reality
  4. Chapter IV - The Reborn
  5. Chapter V - The Father


  • Chris - Vocals
  • Grég - Guitars
  • Linus KLAUSENITZER - Bass [session]
  • Kévin PARADIS - Drums [session]


GIMME METAL: Possessed, Alustrium, And Thy Catafalque Guest DJ Specials Announced + Knotfest Pulse Of The Maggots Festival Spotlight, Exclusive Gorephilia Livestream To Air On GIMME METAL TV This Saturday, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More!

Each week, GIMME METAL publishes its radio chart listing the top 40 tracks played on the station. Already the best metal discovery service online, the GIMME METAL chart is a powerful tool for listeners, labels, and artists for staying up to date on the best new metal released by established greats and up-and-coming underdogs, all handpicked by GIMME’s knowledgeable DJ roster and editorial team.

GIMME METAL Chart – June 21st, 2021:
1. Amenra - “Voor Immer”
2. Pestilence - “Deificvs”
3. Crypta - “Dark Night Of The Soul”
4. Gorephilia - “Ouroboran Labyrinth”
5. Burning Witches - “The Witch Of The North”
6. Coffin Lurker - “Of Suffering”
7. At The Gates - “The Paradox”
8. Darkthrone - “Hate Cloak”
9. Powerwolf - “Beast Of Gévaudan”
10. Steel Bearing Hand - “Lich Gate”

Click HERE for the full Top 40 List.
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Gorephilia Guest DJ Special - Gorephilia will take over the guest DJ throne this week. Their show will serve as a precursor to their exclusive GIMME METAL livestream June 26th (find more details below). Hang out with the band in the Live Chat while they spin through two hours of sonic sickness. The guest DJ show will re-air on Saturday, June 26th at 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT prior to the band's livestream takeover.
Possessed Guest DJ Special - Vocalist Jeff Becerra is back! Possessed’s Seven Churches debut was unleashed in 1985, and not only opened the gates for death metal (Becerra coined the term itself in 1983), but weighed in with profound impact on legions of forward-thinking musicians for decades to follow. Recorded during the band’s junior high school spring break (!), Seven Churches opens with a lift from the version of “Tubular Bells,” famously used in The Exorcist blasting into the track of the same name. From then on, the world is greeted with one of the most relentless, maniacal metal records of the 1980s — one that has rightly earned classic status. GIMME METAL’s Vinyl Club subscription series offered the opportunity to once again own this master work on vinyl (in exclusive red wax plus a collectable GIMME METAL pin)! Becerra's become a regular at GIMME METAL and again takes listeners on a tour of his record parlor with an exclusive DJ session. He’ll also be in the Live Chat! Don’t miss it! 
Alustrium Guest DJ Special - Philadelphia progressive/technical death metallers Alustrium recently dropped their smoldering A Monument To Silence full-length upon the masses via Unique Leader Records. With intense, technical riffs and soulful ear-bending solos, Alustrium creates a unique blend between melody and fierce brutality that sets them apart from the norm. Following up their 2020 EP Insurmountable, A Monument To Silence further pushes the boundaries of contemporary heavy music. The band will be taking over the airwaves this Tuesday. Join them in the Live Chat!
Knotfest Guest DJ Special - Knotfest ravages GIMME METAL once again for a special two-hour Pulse Of The Maggots Festival episode spotlighting the most exciting emerging artists in the aggressive community, hosted by Jon “Stay Puft” Mallow. The second installment of the streaming festival will feature performances from Hyro The Hero, Lotus Eater, As Everything Unfolds, Baest, Pupil Slicer, Earthists, Gaerea, and more. The free event will be aired via the Knotfest Twitch channel on Friday, June 25th with the programming set to begin at 6:00pm ET / 3:00pm PT. GIMME METAL will be hosting a preview of the festivities on Wednesday, June 23rd at 3:00pm ET / 12:00pm PR! Find further info at
Thy Catafalque Guest DJ Special - Thy Catafalque's humble genius Tamás Kátai abandons any and all prenotions of tradition. Intertwining elements from a vast swath of unrelated genres, from jazz to pop to folk, and everything in between, Thy Catafalque masterfully crafts an eclectic sound that breaks down any generic barriers or borders. Following the massive success of 2020’s critically-acclaimed Naiv, the entity returns with Vadak, another esoteric monument in its already storied catalog set for release on June 25th via Season Of Mist. Meaning “Wildlings” in Hungarian, the album title is a deliberate clue to the exotic and feral essence of Vadak. Like seedlings scattered throughout the forest by the mere forces of nature, Thy Catafalque's imaginative sound grows with an organic sense of whimsy, cultivated within the vast influences of our megacosm. Thematically, Vadak is a foreboding lesson in mortality. Emphasizing the fragility that is shared by man and beast alike, the record explores our Freudian life instincts, in which we inherently fear and run from the ultimate goal of existence: death. 
Gimme Metal | Dave Mustaine confirms David Ellefson will not be on the upcoming Megadeth album
The Dave Mustaine Show Episode #125 - On the most recent episode of The Dave Mustaine Show (#125), Mustaine settles rumors and confirms Megadeth’s removal of bassist David Ellefson from their upcoming record and reveals more new information about what fans can expect. Be sure to tune in for updates every Thursday! Listening is free and you can chat with Mustaine in the Live Chat by signing up for a thirty-day FREE Brigade membership! This also gets you into the Vault where you can listen to all two-hours of this and every episode of the show. Just tap on “Vault” in the GIMME METAL app to get started on your membership today! More info HERE.

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Upcoming on GIMME METAL Radio

6/29 Stormruler
6/29 At The Gates
6/29 GIMME 5 w/ At The Gates, Silver Talon, Powerwolf, Go Ahead And Die, Alluvial
6/30 Withered
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7/07 Autopsy 
7/07 Mastiff
7/13 Powerwolf
7/13 The Lion's Daughter
7/16 Amenra
7/19 Fulci
7/21 Memoriam
7/22 Crypta
7/23 Tee Pee Records Label Special
7/27 Ophidian I
7/28 Ingested
7/30 No Clean Singing Site Special
8/02 King Woman
8/18 Hooded Menace
8/20 Wolves In The Throne Room
8/21 Full Terror Assault Festival preview
8/27 Wormwitch
9/22 Wraith
10/01 Ghost Cult Site Special

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