Monday, September 20, 2021

SARMAT – SR-28 ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

 Today’s review is of Polish Blackened Death Metal band Sarmat’s debut album.
This album delivers powerful and aggressive Extreme Metal in the likes of Marduk or War, while an atmosphere of mystique also adds elements of modernity to their sound, reminding of Valkyrja or Nordjevel.
Mixing all of this with the strength inherent to Polish Black Metal, the result is dark and bleak, much like the ashes of innocence bombarded by the wretched. As a result, songs such as “Coldgrinder” will please the fans of violent Black Metal, and “The Shining Of Oneiros” will be a delight to enjoyers of transcendental Black Metal as crafted by bands such as Svartkonst or Gaerea.
I recommend this album to fans of Black Metal and Blackened Death Metal. My rating is of 9/10.



SELFAWARE - "Entropy"

 “Entropy” is the debut album by the Asturian group Selfaware. The Groove Metal band founded in 2019 by Luis Miranda, known in the music scene for his previous groups Innerself (Emotional Disorder) and Leviathan.

The album is a riot of catchy and forceful riffs, surprising melodies, dark but clarifying lyrics, and some devilish solos that will not leave anyone indifferent. His compositions address themes about the nature of people, human relationships, disappointment, heartbreak or climate change, in short, a journey to the center of one's own consciousness of being.

Luis's compositions are recognizable from the first moment of listening, and you will find brushstrokes of all kinds of styles oriented to metal, but with a perfectly defined “house brand”.
You will like it and you will enjoy it, we are convinced.

MESCALEROS "No Fear, No Limits"



"NO FEAR, NO LIMITS" is the fourth studio album by MESCALEROS. The Catalans have achieved, to date, their most varied and at the same time most solid album. A work that ranges from hard-rock to southern, through blues and genuine rock'n'roll, all of this always seasoned with its personal vintage touch that will delight every old-school fan. A true hard-rock bomb in its entirety.

The work consists of twelve own songs: eleven in English, as is usual in them, and one in Spanish: “Sueños”, neither more nor less than a precious acoustic version of the same song with which they open the CD (“Dreams” ).

All the music is from the quartet, with the lyrics and keyboards by Manu Reno.

The album has been recorded and produced by Manu Reno himself at his Rusty Soul Studios, located on the outskirts of the province of Barcelona.

                             Fourth album of this band which will not leave you indifferent.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

LOUDER THAN LOUD Sign THE 450s and the First Single and Video for the Track “Flowers From Columbine” Has Been Released Today!

The 450s “Flowers For Columbine” Official Music Video - Louder Than Loud Records

NEW YORK CITY, NY (September 17, 2021) — THE 450s release video & single for “Flowers From Columbine” today! THE 450’s first single and video for the track “Flowers From Columbine” has been released today! Watch the video for the song here:
“Flowers For Columbine” now is also available as digital single on all digital platforms, and the album “The 450s” via Louder Than Loud Records (out: November 19th, 2021) available for pre-order via this link:
Tales of decadence and despair are rendered with dark and edgy musicality in the provocatively titled songs “Flowers for Columbine” and “Lust and Denial.” Cleary, The 450s aren’t afraid to delve deep into the heart of darkness, either lyrically or in their modern take on soulful, raucous rock ‘n’ roll. Thankfully, some do get out alive, including frontman Rhett, who, like the other members of The 450s, is a musician with a storied history and prolific creativity.
But past critical raves and credits—and there are many among this foursome—don’t necessarily translate into brutally honest, beautifully rendered rock songs, influenced by the ages, but sonically current. Musical chemistry is elusive, but this band of brothers— though only two, Robert and James Jacobs, are blood brothers—have been friends and sometime musical collaborators for decades despite living in Florida, Connecticut, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Each musician had their own project when they came together: Respected drummer and producer (Anthrax, Blue Cheer and more) Carl Canedy just released an album with his iconic band the Rods; the Jacobs’ found strong success with a 2019 release from their acclaimed band St. James; while Rhett, a veteran of major labels, was thriving as a solo artist, earning critical praise for his “ugly-beautiful, gutter- to-penthouse vocals.”
When the quartet got together in Miami, on a whim, the chemistry was effortless, the resultant songs so strong that they caught the ear of legendary producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Patti Smith), who went the extra mile in mixing the album, highlighting The 450’s inherent musical tension and dynamics. Chris Collier (Korn, Prong) also worked on the mixing/production, helping to hone the “modern” part of The 450’s “modern vintage” vibe.
The result is songs with an immediacy and nakedness that’s so intense it’s almost scary. The bluesy flamenco spookiness of “One King” is hauntingly cinematic; while the addictive “Black Tar” mixes a raw power with a dramatic string section, courtesy of keyboard player Ryan Sambrook. The musical push-pull comes from their personalities, as they explain: “Carl is the foundation and Bobby is the bridge between Carl and the rest of the band.” Jimmy, who cites “Jimmy Page’s arrangements and production abilities and David Gilmour’s precision,” among his influences, “brings the whole thing together musically.” And Rhett himself? He brings a reckless urgency vocally, observing, “This is the heaviest record I’ve ever done, yet it has subtleties, and I hope, at times, a pop sense. Lyrically, this album talks about the thin lines that differentiate where one ends up in life.”
The 450s bring an old-school band ethic to bear: No resting on laurels, no copping styles from their forefathers; no pre-fab or pre-conceived anything. “We got together in a room and turned everything up real loud,” they explain. “We jammed and recorded what came out. Ultimately, it’s “about creating this group of songs out of nowhere for no reason other than it’s what we all love to do.”
The first single “Flowers For Columbine” and a video for the track is set to be released on September 17th, 2021. You can pre-order at
Track Listing:
1. Flowers For Columbine
2. Black Tar
3. Lucy Walk Away
4. Lust And Denial
5. Gracie Is It Heavy
6. Drown
7. One King
8. Lost Girl Confused
9. Crawl
10. She’s My Morphine
11. The Suspect
12. When God Won’t Forgive You

The 450s Are:
Rhett – vocals
James Jacobs – guitar
Robert Jacobs – bass
Carl Canedy – drums
Ryan Sambrook – keyboards
About Louder Than Loud Records
LOUDER THAN LOUD RECORDS is a new Heavy Metal label founded by the two
industry veterans Giles Lavery and Carl Canedy.
Based in Germany & the USA LOUDER THAN LOUD RECORDS will focalize to sign and develop new talent, not just established acts, as well as acquire back-catalog and re- issue classic titles. The label’s first signing is the new, exciting band THE 450’s.
For all press inquiries, contact:

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EMISSARY – SUMMER TOUR EP ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of American Power Metal band Emissary’s new EP.

Serving as an appetizer before their upcoming album later this year, the release features 3 tracks from their latest Summer Tour and their respective demo versions from 1994-95.

Combining classic Power Metal in the likes of Gamma Ray with the characteristic approach of USPM and a much more Heavy Metal direction than most bands of the genre, there are bits that may also remind the listener of Iron Maiden, although there is also an aggressive Speed Metal undertone as in any good Power Metal. Their melodic interludes between catchy choruses will surely also appeal to fans of Seventh Son-era Maiden, while the Power Metal roots are still there apparent. Collectors may be interested in these raw versions of “The Silent Treatment”, “Crash & Burn” and “Ruler Of Defiance”.

I recommend this album to fans of Power Metal, Speed Metal and Heavy Metal. My rating is of 8,5/10.