Thursday, May 19, 2022

Mondo Podre publish Necronomy of Subexistence, their first album

Mondo Podre publish Necronomy of Subexistence, their first album

Grind outbursts, powerviolence, noise, heterodoxy, chaos. Mondo Podre release Necronomia De Subexistencia on CD and digital format, at the same time that they set a date for its release on vinyl: next June 3.

In this feature debut, the Galicians express the volatility of their grindcore through 14 lacerating, lunatic, sometimes experimental songs, and more than suitable for any follower of Pig Destroyer, Cryptopsy, Converge, Discordance Axis, Wormrot, or Full Of Hell. At the end of these 20 minutes of sonic anger, it's impossible for your ears not to bleed.

Colectivo Bilis has been in charge of the CD edition, while the Grindwar Channel covers Necronomía De Subexistencia on YouTube. Of course, the first full-length of those from Vigo is also available on Bandcamp and the other usual platforms.

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Acts of God - "Like a Wolf" (Art Gates Records 13 May 2022)


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"Like A Wolf" is contemporary metal act Acts of God' 1st single, extracted from their upcoming album "BeLIEve", which will be released June 24th through Art Gates Records!

Acts of God is a contemporary Metal act formed in Berguedà (Barcelona), combining classic hardcore and elements extracted from the first generation of metalcore bands.
Attitude and daringness are the main pillars of these ravenous metalheads, offering resounding guitars & performing unique passages with haunting growls & memorable melodic voices.
Blending the essence of the Death Metal genre with Thrash, Hardcore and elements of the most contemporary Metal, Acts of God gets to seal highlights into their music.

After taking part in many shows and festivals all over Catalonia (Spain) and being part of the movie “Annunakis: Los Caidos del Cielo” OST , along with other bands such as Morphium, Inmune or Terrolokaust, these metalheads are ready to break the ice and go several steps further with the release of their upcoming album via Art Gates records worldwide in 2022.

Xevi Poll - Vocals
Abel Marin - Guitars
Quico Bertran - Guitars
David Cervantes - Bass & Backing Vocals
Eric Cabestany - Drums


Ethereal Realm - Enter the Realm (EP)


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From: Sydney, Australia
Style: Power Metal
For fans of: Iron Maiden, Kamelot & Blind Guardian

Ethereal Realm was formed in 2019 from a collection of energetic music worshiping metalheads who met after seeing a "musicians wanted" ad posted on Facebook by TNT, the Realm's lead vocalist.

This led to the formation of the original line-up comprising: TNT/Vocals, Leon/Guitar, Jim/Guitar, Dan/Bass & Rob/Drums.

In late 2020, Dan sadly announced his departure from the Realm to pursue personal endeavors which lead to a 6-month-long search for a bassist to fill the very big shoes left behind by Dan.

In April 2021, Bruno; a good friend of the Realm from the local Metal scene was called up as Dan's replacement however after playing only 2 gigs, COVID19 restrictions halted the band's progress for the rest of the year and in early 2022 Bruno announced he was leaving the band to return home to Brazil.

Luckily Leon "knew a guy" who knows his way around a 4-string and in Feb 2022 Sam Margaritis was announced as the band's new bassist.

Their unique brand of Metal fuses elements of Power, NWOBHM, and Thrash along with in-your-face guitar solos, melodic heroic vocals, and a crushing rhythm section that is sure to get you wanting to march into battle and summon dragons from afar.

MIRAGE The Sequel (album) From The Vaults 15 July 2022

For fans of Mercyful Fate, (early) Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper.

An intro and a creaking door welcome you into the MIRAGE universe. Full throttle from the off! 

That’s no wonder. The Danish band's debut album “...And The Earth Shall Crumble” created quite a stir in 1985 in both the Danish and in the international metal scenes. And, to say that in a year when Accept’s “Metal Heart”, Megadeth’s “Killing Is My Business...”, Dio’s “Sacred Heart”, W.A.S.P.’s “The Last Command” and Iron Maiden’s most Faust live album “Live After Death” were released, it’s quite a bold statement. 

Then again, Mirage was no ordinary band. Their melodic blend of heavy metal and hard rock turned their songs into absolute hard’n’heavy hymns, that aged really well, while “...And The Earth Shall Crumble” turned into a gem very sought-after in the following decades. 

But now is 2022. After a hiatus of more than three decades, Mirage is finally back with their second album. 

Wait a minute... “Second album”? 

You heard it right. The record Mirage should have released some thirty-odd years ago is finally coming! Back in the late 80s the band had to quit because the English record company sent their royalties to their Danish record company, who pocketed the money and filed for bankruptcy! Despite interest from the Danish label Medley Records, the second album was never released, though all the songs were written. 

So, everything on the upcoming Mirage album was written in the late eighties. 

On the back of the first album (“...And The Earth Shall Crumble”, released in 85) it was written: “Watch out for the sequel”. Alright, here is the band again, back in the very recognizable Mirage style: Metal with melody and good lyrics! 

“The Sequel” will be released in digital, CD and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) by From the Vaults on July 15th, 2022.

Torben Deen - lead & backing vocals
Søren Ahm - guitars, keyboards, bass
S.A. Sørensen - drums
Stine Annesen - backing vocals




Reeper - Rise of Chaos (Art Gates Records 3 June 2022 )

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Reeper is a contemporary metal / hard rock act formed last 2016 in Catalonia (Spain) by Elias Andrada.

These metalheads perform a blend of anthemic, fresh and hulking metal with the attitude and stomping vibes of the finely-tuned hard rock. Heavy buzzsaw guitars lead a perfect mix of a bone-crushing basis and melodic vocals with catchy hooks.

After releasing “Rise of Chaos” in 2021, they decided to rebrand their last album with a new and exclusive approach to take their sound to a new level.

“Rise of Chaos – Deluxe Edition” has been produced by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, 10 Years, Nine Lashes) and mastered by Spectre Studio (Disturbed, Love & Death, Wolves at the Gates).

This album includes three bonus tracks and two exclusive remixed tracks performed in Mexico by Darkles Studios & Poland by Core Studio.

Elias Andrada - Guitars
Erik Cruz - Vocals
Alberto Marín - Bass
Matt de Vallejo - Drums


Barbarian Swords reissue their first demo with a bunch of extras

Barbarian Swords reissue their first demo with a bunch of extras

Barbarian Swords, the execrable Catalan black doom formation, will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their Crusaders Of The Apocalypse demo with a very special reissue. On Friday, June 17, the labels Negra Nit and Negre planY will release Crusaders Of The Apocalypse – The Return, a double CD in digipack format that contains that infectious recording, plus six unreleased songs recorded at their venue and another concert at the now-defunct Rocksound venue in Barcelona, ​​also never before published.

It is worth noting the devilish rawness of these songs, the atrocious and vile sound they present, the violence with which they are executed, which is why a slight 'cleaning' and master by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios has been required before releasing them. on the street. More than anything, the amount of feedback and bass gathered here could literally damage the speakers of its long-suffering fans.

An artwork and layout at the hands of Woodcvtter Illustration, which comes to be a rereading of the original cover, finish off a luxurious artifact for the most completists, in which the first instrumental theme that Barbarian Swords have ever perpetrated or 'Untitled II' even appears. , in which Von Päx hands over the mic to bassist Panzer's gutturals!

This gang of mangy thugs is already finalizing a particularly annoying single, so for now we leave you with the complete list of songs in these almost two hours of excess, hate, noise and battle:

CD 1: Crusaders Of The Apocalypse
1. Pyrenean Nightfall (demo oficial)
2. Crusaders Of The Apocalypse (demo oficial)
3. Putrid Whore (The Holy Church) (demo oficial)
4. The Warmaster’s Revenge (demo oficial)
5. Immortal Victory (inédita)
6. Forever With Them (inédita)
7. Untitled I (inédita, instrumental)
8. Untitled II (inédita, voz de Panzer)
9. Untitled III (inédita)
10. Untitled IV (inédita)

CD 2: Directo en Rocksound (27 de diciembre de 2014, Barcelona)
1. Pyrenean Nightfall
2. Hunting Rats
3. Putrid Whore - The Holy Church
4. Crusaders Of The Apocalypse
5. For My Honor
6. Pentecostal Black Punishment
7. My Realm - The Frostland Inquisition 


In 2022 Barbarian Swords are:
Von Pax (voice)
Steamroller (guitars)
Panzer (guitars, bass)
Urethra (battery)

Negra Nit/Negre planY

Barbarian Swords
Copyright © 2022 Blood Fire Death, all rights reserved.


PURE STEEL RECORDS and BLACK ROSE UK who signed a worldwide multi-album-deal last year are pleased to announce, that their new album 'WTF' will be released on 24/06/2022.


BLACK ROSE from England, formed in 1980 and were part of the heavy metal scene that was called the NWoBHM (new wave of British heavy metal). They toured all over the UK and Europe and released two vinyl albums - 'Boys Will be Boys' in 1984 on Bullet Records and 'Walk it how you talk it' in 1987 on Neat Records.


After splitting up in 1989, BLACK ROSE reformed in 2010 to play at the Cradle of Rock Festival in 2011, the first show after 22 years. The line up now features 3 original members of the band - Steve Bardsley (lead vocals and guitar), Kenny Nicholson (lead guitar) and Paul Fowler (drums) plus new bass player Kiko Rivers.


They released a third album in 2012 on Metalizer Records called 'Cure for your Disease' so 'WTF' will be their fourth studio album, it is also probably the heaviest they've done.


1. Crazy Mental Bad

2. Devils Candy

3. WTF

4. Pain

6. Innocence

7. Detonator

8. Under My Skin

9. Twist The Knife

10. Tattoos & Lipstick

11. Never Take Me Alive

12. Broken

13. Armageddon
Total Playing Time: 55:55 min


Steve Bardsley - vocals, guitars
Kenny Nicholson - guitars
Kiko Rivers - bass
Paul Fowler - drums


SANDNESS – PLAY YOUR PART ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of Italian Hard Rock band Sandness’ new album.

This release offers 13 tracks that seem taken straight out of the 80s. Strongly inspired by American acts, it includes some elements of AOR and especially Glam Rock in the likes of Poison to create a soft sound that offers an accessible sort of Rock that may appeal to a large audience.

There are some catchy choruses, heartfelt solos and power ballads imbued with a pop-ish aura that will overall delight any lover of the bygone days of Hard Rock’s golden age. While there’s also some subtle modern touches that give it freshness, the sound is truly classic. If you want some easy-going Rock you should check this out. My personal highlights are “High Tide” and “The One Who Tricked The Devil”.

I recommend this album to fans of Hard Rock, AOR and Glam Rock. My rating is of 8/10.