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Friday, March 13, 2020

Sight of luna drummer interview by D.C

Jaz can you tell us more about performing with Sight Of Luna

Jaz: I enjoy it. These people are very supportive. They always motivate me, they love my drumming. Everytime  we perform they always make feel that I play drums like a big guy.

Q:Between going to the studio, Rehearsing new material and so forth on?, being a single mother, work, When do you have time for  family and for you and for your art?

Jaz: I work on weekdays as a digital artist, and regularly rehearse on weekends. and I am a freelancer and that makes it easier to manage my time.

Q:Can you tell us if you didn?t bring any technical drum plane to the group and what if so what type of techniques are you going to be using?

Jaz: Before I became Sight of Luna?s drummer, I used to play drums for different local indie metal bands. Mostly Metal core, Until I fell in love with progressive music, So the last band I had before Sight of Luna was more technical. But for Sight Of Luna, they already have materials when I came in because I was a replacement. But my brother  the guitarist, He knows how I play, my style so now for the new materials He?s  making different kind of music where I can apply the techniques that I am more comfortable to play with. But it will still be gothic type.

Q:When you were younger and start playing drums, how often were you rehearsing before you got into your first group professionally?
Jaz:  1-2 times a week playing on an actual drum set. But on normal days before the rehearsal I imagine the beats I memorize the sequence.

Q:Who were some of your influences on drums? And do you still listen do them artist and do you have just get the urge to start playing along with those old songs?

Jaz: Danny Carey , Yes I tried to play their music but It was not easy. Of course Mike Portnoy ,But It was so hard to sound like him. Chris Adler for Metal, We used to cover some of their old songs, But I worked hard for it .  I am still listening to them. There are many amazing drummers came out when Progressive music gone really more crazy. I mean the Madness of Matt Gartska, Nathan Camarena of Chon , they?re some of my most favorites  now, But of course  I?m still in love with my first Idols, I learned a lot from them.

Q:Last question, Do you ever write lyrics or play any other instruments beside the drums? And if so do you write original material and presented to your band members as well?

Jaz: I used to play bass for other metal bands. I was the composer, I used to make guitar riffs for them. But for Sight Of Luna almost everything was my brother?s Idea. But we help each other, I mean He?s always open for suggestions  especially now that we?re enjoying  musical experiment.