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Monday, May 11, 2020

EXODUS Guitarist GARY HOLT Guests On ROBB FLYNN's No Fuckin' Regrets Podcast; Looks Back On Vocalist STEVE "ZETRO" SOUZA's Audition (Video)

In the clip below, Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn sits down with thrash metal legend Gary Holt for an in-depth discussion on life in quarantine, him surviving the Coronavirus, his early days playing with Kirk Hammet (Metallica), what led to the split with original Exodus vocalist Paul Baloff, surviving the 2000’s music scene, and how fulfilled he is playing in Exodus again after an eight year stint with Slayer.
On auditioning Steve "Zetro" Souza for Exodus
Holt: "We got ahold of Zetro and we did a stealth-ninja rehearsal in San Francisco at SIR or whatever, so we did it without Baloff knowing. He came in, and he nailed everything. The most impressive part, to us, was just the timing. Like, he came in on one every single time, and it was like, 'Wow!' The band sounded super-fucking tight all of a sudden. And we always considered ourselves a really tight band, but when the vocals were punching in at the exact spot now as well, it was like another level as far as being really a fucking machine."

Holt recently made an appearance on Finland's Kaaos TV and offered an update on the Exodus' next album. He also talks about his time with Slayer as the replacement for the late Jeff Hanneman.
Holt: "We'll be in the studio hopefully this summer. We're staying home this summer, except for one show at the Dynamo festival. We're not doing a European summer festival tour or nothing, and we're just gonna work on the new record. And it's fucking heavy. It's so heavy (laughs). I've got enough riffs for five albums right now. I'll keep writing right up till we start recording. I hope to have it (the new album) out this year... late in the year. We'll see how the scheduling goes and all that."