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Sunday, January 24, 2021


Dialalmol was formed in early 1993 by Ax Thrasher (guitar-vocals), Psycho (bass-vocals) and Joe Bastard Maggot (drums) (ex-Repugnant Pigs guitar). At first the trend was more geared towards grindcore. After a very short time Psycho left the group and Lilith Princess of Darkness entered as a singer and a session bassist.
It was then that the group adopted the name of a familiar demon and the music was transformed to a style more identifiable with Death metal and the theme of the lyrics was fundamentally Luciferian.
The day we gave our first and only concert and with a view to recording the first demo, the bassist left the group without warning; however, we gave a more than
worthy concert.
Later Lilith left the group and Ax Thrasher (guitar-vocals) and Joe B. Maggot (drums-vocals) recorded the demo in November of '94. Joe decided to leave the band shortly after to start new projects in another line. Ax Thrasher continued with the project for a while, but they didn't record anything else ...

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