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Tuesday, July 7, 2020


"Unto the Wolves" is a Hard Rock/ Metal project with one goal in mind, to inspire tolerance and acceptance of all races, religious beliefs, and cultures. Every song is inspired by a different culture, religion, historical event or location. The songs are not based on these things, but rather served as inspiration for the ideas behind the songs.

The music is riddled with driving rhythmic guitars, a deep bass, hard-hitting drums accompanied by melodic but aggressive vocals. You'll also find an additional instrument or two in multiple songs based on the subject matter and inspiration. In an effort to combine these ideas into a single project in a respectful manner, each set of writings is examined from multiple points of view. The project truly offers a unique perspective on how music can be inspired by the way people choose to live.

Another particularly unique fact about this project is that these songs are created on a monthly basis exclusively for the subscribers of the projects Patreon page. At the end of a full year of content, the years’ worth of work is combined into a single album and released to the public. The project has already released 2 albums simply called “Year One” and “Year Two”, available now at all digital retailers. Now, the latest album “Year 3” is finally complete and the patrons of Patreon get instant access to it, along with unprecedented behind the scenes info, video, and additional visual content. Patrons not only get to hear where the music is going but are encouraged to give feedback which guides the direction of the content and subject matters. To become a part of the project, all anyone needs to do is go to and sign up.

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Burning Bridges is a new breed of music with inspiration and roots taken from the likes of classics such as Black Sabbath and Rage Against The Machine all the way to the progressive giants of today; Periphery, Badflower and Intervals. Behind our music is a story of struggle and meaning from run-ins with the law, abusive relationships and the struggles of early adulthood and mental health. Our songs aim to tackle these delicate subjects and motivate the listener to think twice about the way our world is perceived and ask themselves who they think they really are. Formed the summer of 2017, Burning Bridges is comprised of Travis Day on vocals, Dylan Ackelbein on guitar, Devlin Manning on bass and Josh Sloan on drums. Together the quartet has grown with each other to produce a hard-hitting sonic blend of heavy metal and alternative lyrical themes. The band’s debut single Kings of It All released in May of 2019 followed by their first ep. The band most recently released three singles, Live With Yourself, Atelophobia and Losing My Mind. We continue to write and record music and have several projects in the works. Be sure to follow our Instagram @burningbridgesofficial or find us on Facebook Burningbridges and stay tuned for more heavy hitting rock and roll!