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Friday, May 15, 2020


                                Horror-Metal band FROM HELL release new album in May
 Metal horror band FROM HELL returns in 2020 with a new album called RATS & RAVENS. Staying true to the vision that each release is a concept album, Aleister Sinn (the live persona of George Anderson, creator / writer of FROM HELL), releases an album both dark and sinister.

RATS & RAVENS is the follow up to the first FROM HELL album "Ascent From Hell", which is as heavy as it is epic. The album tells a horror story about a corpse that wakes up in Hell only to find he must go back to earth, recover his soul that still lives inside another body and drag it back to Hell. "Ascent From Hell" featured metal icons Paul Bostaph, Steve Smyth, and Damien Sisson.

RATS & RAVENS will be available worldwide on May 22 in stores and online!
MALEFISTUM album release in May

The cooperation project MalefistuM was founded in 2019 by Dawn Of Destiny guitarist Jens Faber and combines various metal genres into a most interesting and unique mix between epic, symphonic, power metal and growl elements.

Melissa Bonny (Ad Infinitum, Warkings, Rage Of Light, Serenity) who is responsible for the vocals on most of the tracks, demonstrates her many years of experience and routine and glides confidently between pure and no less dark aggression (“Towards The Sun”), fragile emotions (“Fear Of Tomorrow”) and catchy choruses (“This Memory”).

“Enemy” not only stands out due to its music and compositions, but also due to the atmospheric and detailed artwork by Hans Trasid which moulds the album into an impressive work of music and concept.

The new album will be released on May, 15th as CD, Download and on all streaming platforms.
New Album release by swiss rock band Exess to be released in May
April 10, 2020
The Swiss based band EXESS will release their debut album via Fastball Music on May, 1st. The album is called "Deus Ex Machina" and includes nine amazing genre-blending songs from different metal styles.

"Deus Ex Machina" is a musical journey exploring the history and extenting the boundaries of common metal as a genre and is not afraid of playing with almost harsh, deep & dark emotions, pop-metal like melodies and progressive as well as classic tunes and arrangements.

Two single and video releases have already been released for the songs "Not An Eternal Day" and "Chrysalis". Please check them out here:

Not An Eternal Day

FLYING CIRCUS CD & Vinyl album and video releases

German progressive rock band FLYING CIRCUS have released their new album called "1968" end of march along with three music videos for the songs "Paris", "My Lai" and "The Hopes We Had". You can order the CD, Vinyl as well as stream & download the album in various shops here: .

Please check out the bands Youtube channel for the current music videos:
HELLRIDE will release new album in april

The acoustic metal project HELLRIDE will release their second full length album this april with two singles to be released beforehand. The new album again demstrates their unique style of playing metal style arrangements with an acoustic setup.

"Goodbyes To Forever" features nine tracks including the previously released single "Air Supremacy", which was only available as digital download.

New NACHTSCHATTEN EP to be released in march
The german melodic death metal band NACHTSCHATTEN combine catching melodies with brutal vocals, german lyrics to a unique style. After their debut longplayer "Prolog" from 2015 which got raving reviews the band has played numerous live shows demonstrating their raw power on stage thrilling the metal community.

The brand new six-track EP is called "Leuhtfeuer" and will be releases on march, 6th.

You can check out the video for the track "Verspielte Gläser" here: