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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


The Habamal group was born in the city of Ambato on April 25, 2015, with the purpose of reviving old themes from the school of the eighties of Thrash and Death, and being able to listen to songs that will never be heard by the hands of the creators, this is the main engine and motivation that leads us to create the band, to create a space of fun, camaraderie and passion for playing these themes.
The presence of the Habamal stage has been remarkable being invited to various local events in which the public's reception and admiration was obtained by listening and observing the energy that Habamal knows how to deliver live.
Taking into account the aforementioned, the group decided to carry out their first record work in which a tribute is made to the best of Thrash and Death from the eighties, under the style of the group in which our admiration and respect for the bands of the which topics were taken.
Currently the group is working on their own songs under the influence of the
Thrash and Death, same that will be ready in the coming months.

1. Mg. Lic. Alexandra Galarza - Voice
2. Ing. Gabriel Reyes - Guitar
3. Ing Com. Víctor Chaglla - Guitar
4. Lic. Johnny Guerrero - Bass
5. Tlgo. Com. Fredy Caguasqui - Drums

Habamal revives the powerful old school sound of 80s Thrash & Death, generating
a live show that drives everyone insane, with a powerful female guttural voice.
and batteries with force and speed, which make all those who see them live nod.
habamal has shared the stage with important national bands such as Mortum, Almetal, Mortal Decision, Prophecy, Legion, Notoken, Public Enemy, Necrophobia, Decapitated, Uncommon ... and international bands like Crisix, Riot, Necrofago, Sapient and Sings of the evil.

 Tributo Thrash & Death
 01 - Raning In Blood       (Slayer)
02 - Slowly We Rot          (Obituary)
03 - Phobia                        (Kreator)
04 - Evil Dead                   (Evil Dead)
05 - Suffer The Children (Napalm Death)
06 - Nemesis                     (Arch Enemy)
07 - Slave New World      (Sepultura)
08 - Agent Orange           (Sodom)
 A Tu Infierno 
  1.     Walking Dead        
2.     Voluntad         
3.     Fuerza thrash        
4.     Perro falso        
5.     A tu infierno        
6.     Déjame en paz        
7.     Bukowski        
8.     Dolor        
9.     Oscuridad        
10.     Mundo de asco        
11.     Miedo        
12.     Camino a la destrucción  

Agent Orange - Sodom Cover
Habamal - Dejame en paz 

Ing. Gabriel Reyes
Telephone: 032840770 Cellular: 0983167556 - 0984382466



Agent Orange - Sodom cover
Slowly we rot - Obituary cover