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Friday, May 22, 2020


BLACK KNIGHT - official video for "Road To Victory" released

BLACK KNIGHT has released a new video for the song "Road To Victory". That song is on the new album "Road To Victory", which will be released on CD on June 26th, 2020 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

BLACK KNIGHT reach for the stars again. The formation from Amsterdam, founded in 1981, starts its big comeback this year. After two demos in the 1980s and early 1990s, the classic debut ´Tales From The Darkside´ (1999) and its successor ´The Beast Inside´ (2007) concluded a glorious band phase. Now the only remaining original member, drummer Rudo Plooy, has returned with a new team and a new long player named "Road To Victory". Guitarist Gert Jan Vis (3RD MACHINE) was already involved in the nineties and bassist Ron Heikens (PROFOUND) has been with the band for a number of year too. Guitarist Ruben Raadschelders and Singer David Marcelis (LORD VOLTURE, THORIUM), on the other hand, joined more recently in 2017.

And what did BLACK KNIGHT produce in the studio? Their third full-length is rigged with classic heavy metal. Stunning twin guitars that express the the eighties' flair in melodic runs and a singer who moves powerfully in medium and high pitches. “Road To Victory” sounds so stylish as if the last three decades haven't existed at all!

"Road To Victory" will be released via PURE STEEL RECORDS. The album was recorded and mixed by Gertjan Vis at Captain Hook Studio and The Flying Fish Studios in the Netherlands. The album was mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Denmark.

BLACK KNIGHT - "Road To Victory" @ Youtube ( )

David Marcelis – lead & backing vocals
Ruben Raadschelders – lead & rhythm guitars
Gertjan Vis – lead & rhythm guitars
Ron Heikens – bass guitar
Rudo Plooy – drums

Special guest:
Machiel Kommer – lead & rhythm guitars
Anneleen Olbrechts – backing vocals
Dana Raadschelders – backing vocals

Pure Underground Records
NINTH CIRCLE – "Riding The Storm" – official single from the album „Echo Black"

The single of the US-Metal Band NINTH CIRCLE "Riding The Storm" was released on The Orchard. The release date of the new album „Echo Black" on CD is June 26th, 2020 via PURE UNDERGROUND RECORDS. The pre-order phase will start on June 12th, 2020 in our webshop.

NINTH CIRCLE - "Riding the Storm" @ The Orchard (

Dennis Brown – vocals, guitars
Frank Forray - bass
Richie “Captain Black” Brooks - drums

Dusan Markovic -

Pure Rock Records
SPEED LIMIT - official Lockdown Lyric video for "Ways & Means" released

With brandnew videoclip „Ways & Means“ Speed Limit takes you to a sight seeing trip to swinging London: Regent Sound Studio, Denmark Street, Wunjo Guitars, Hanks Guitars, Ronny Scott´s Jazzclub, Herman Ze German Sausages, Apollo Theater, Chinatown, O Neill´s Soho, Camden Market, Islington are a few of their beloved and favourite places.

Statement of the Band:
First of all we are all healthy and in good spirits. Hope you are doing well and we will see all of you after the crisis. Rock n Roll saves the planet!

As the border to Germany is closed it is impossible for us to see our brother and singing drummer Hannes for some time to come. All shows so far are cancelled and our working on and reharsing new songs for the next album is severely limited. So please do not expect the new opus before summer 2021.

But we have not let grass grow under our feet: To shorten this period of waiting for something to happen from the Speed Limit camp we decided to release a new song/lyric video. This clip is a vivid memory to the last trip to London – maybe the last for a long period.

The song is full of hope. The strong wish that what lies ahead will be at least as exiting or maybe even more colorful as it was before. So we want all of you to develop ways and means to set this spirit free, to choose „bringing together“ and ban „tearing apart“.

SPEED LIMIT - "Ways & Means" @ Youtube (

Joe Eder - guitars
Chris Pawlak - bass
Hannes Vordermayer – drums
Chris Angerer - guitars

Pure Steel Promotion
MY HEAVY MEMORY - "Clarity" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 17th July 2020

The release date of the album "Clarity" by the US-Metal/Hard Rock Band MY HEAVY MEMORY as self-release on CD via PURE STEEL PROMOTION is July 17th, 2020. The pre-order phase will start on July 3rd, 2020 in our webshop.

The US Metal/Hard Rock band MY HEAVY MEMORY from the Bay Area, California has signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL PROMOTION. My Heavy Memory's new album "CLARITY" will be self released via PURE STEEL PROMOTION, as a follow up to their 2013 self titled EP, "My Heavy Memory".

MY HEAVY MEMORY. Maybe you haven't heard about this band so far, but their new album "CLARITY" will change all of that.

Well produced songs with melodic vocals will bring scandinavian 80s melodic Metal with some parts of the classic 70s/80s bands in your mind and that's the musical direction we have here. Each song shows us the big songwriting ability of the band and their will to reach the top.

I am sure you will feel like being in the 80s and the songs transports this feeling perfectly. Some of the established bands would be very happy if they could have this musical standard today. Some parts of RAINBOW, a little bit of more modern DEEP PURPLE, some hints of EUROPE. MY HEAVY MEMORY are fresh, young, surprising....and nevertheless the feeling is still in the 80s. My personal favourite: "Council fire"!

1. Truth In Lies
2. Keep Coming Back
3. Bleed The Way
4. Council Fire
5. Clarity
6. This Might Be
7. Made Of Thorns
8. Hanging By A Thread
Total Playing Time: 33:18 min

David Hechim – vocals
Todd Galland – guitars
Rich Haley – bass
Eddie Koeller – guitars
Paul Monteiro – drums

Special guest:
Abigail Hechim (on Song 7, 8) – vocals
Eric Johnson, Craig Barrett and Steve Kelley, Cristy Barrett, Luis Bettencourt, Mark Kremer, Victor Raygoza, Tiyo Karenga (on Song 1, 5, 8) – vocals

Jeph Moring


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