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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

NWN! News and Updates

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Cranial Obsession
Anatomia - Cranial Obsession
Agathocles “If This is Gore What’s Meat Then?” LS Out Now
Discharge white ink on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes Small to XXL. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA.
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Morbosidad “Corona de Epidemia” LS Back In Stock
Back in stock in all sizes.
Sport this handsome long sleep while camping out in your house for the next 6.66 weeks or months. Is Tomas Stench a Mexican Nostradamus AKA Mextradamus?
Printed with metallic aqueous green and white discharge ink on Gildan brand long sleeves. Available in sizes Small to XXL while supply lasts. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA so you can expect the best quality print possible.
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Mystifier “Baphometic Goat Worship” LS Back In Stock
Back in stock in all sizes.
Metallic gold ink printing on Gildan brand long sleeve shirts. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. Both were printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA for the highest quality printing possible.
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NWN “Sic Itur ad Astra” LS Back In Stock
Back in stock in all sizes.
“Sic Itur ad Astra” translates to “Such is the Pathway to the Stars.”
Discharge white ink printing on Gildan brand long sleeves. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing so you can expect the highest quality print possible.
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Amputation “Slaughtered in the Arms of God” LP/CD/MC Coming Soon
Amputation “Slaughtered in the Arms of God” LP/CD/MC
Slaughtered in the Arms of God by Amputation
Amputation was a Norwegian deathrash band featuring Demonaz AKA Harald Naevdal of Immortal as well as Jørn Inge Tunsberg from Hades. This LP collects their two demos from 1990 and 1989, as well as a rehearsal from 1989. Recommended listening for fans of Schizophrenia era Sepultura, Old Funeral, and S/T LP era Master.
Tracks 1-2: “Slaughtered in the Arms of God” demo 1990
Tracks 3-6: “Achieve the Mutilation” demo 1989
Tracks 7-12: Rehearsal 1989
1989 Line up:
Harald Nævdal AKA Demonaz: Vocals, Guitars
Jørn Inge Tunsberg: Drums
Truls Kvernhusvik: Guitars
Padden: Bass
1990 Line up:
Harald Nævdal AKA Demonaz: Vocals, Guitars
Padden: Drums
Jørn Inge Tunsberg: Bass
Limited Die Hard version with bonus “Live Verftet Thrash Fest Sept 29-30 1989″ MLP.
ETA: Aug-Sept
NWN “Boot of Destiny” LS Out Now
Updated design of a popular NWN shirt. Aqueous gold and discharge white ink on Gildan brand LS. 60′s propaganda art on the front and J. Read/Revenge quote on the back. New sleeve design. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA.
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Debemur Morti Productions LPs In Stock Now
Archgoat “Black Mass XXX” Double LP
Behexen “My Soul For His Glory” LP
Behexen “By The Blessing Of Satan” LP
Behexen “The Poisonous Path” Double LP
Limited units of Archgoat and Behexen LPs are now in stock from this long running, and highly respected French black metal label.
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Reencarnacion “Alucinogeno” LP Coming Soon
Reencarnacion “Alucinogeno” LP
Alucinogeno by Reencarnación
Released in 1989, “Alucinogeno” is the experimental, drug-infused, and maniacally thrashing second demo of cult ultra metal unit Reencarnacion. Along with Parabellum, Blasfemia, and Nemesis, the band had a heavy impact on the metal underground, and was championed by many across the globe, including Dead of Mayhem.
ETA: July-August
Herxheim “Incised Arrival” LP Coming Soon
Herxheim “Incised Arrival” LP
Incised Arrival by Herxheim
A direct descendant of the “Cultivating Throne of Fur” demo (2019), “Incised Arrival” unravels further into a heavier and more concise form of its near-relative. In this 37-minute display of gut-punching raw power, wicked melodies slither in and out of slow to mid-paced and faster compositions where nothing is forced or superfluous.
The sound of the album is quite natural, but wild; one foot rooted circa 86′-93′, the other hammers chest right to the present. The guitars scream and scratch machine-like, while Brungard offers a treacherous, powerful vocal performance. The howling resonance of keyboards combined with brutal drum and bass guitar play, gel into this single unit of hammered deliverance.
Lyrically, Brungard explains, “this album thematically follows the demo. It centers around the human condition, each song is a ‘Mephistic Fable’, tales of warning and wrath.” The prowess and vigor of these 6 songs deliver the message well: this is indeed Mephistic Black Doom Metal for the wretched soul.
ETA: July-August
Godblood “Flowers” LP Coming Soon
Godblood “Flowers” LP
Flowers by Godblood
Background & Biography
• It is Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1994. Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean with a long and diverse ancient history dating back 9000 years with a predominantly Greek-Cypriot population.
• Cyprus back in the 90s was a very conservative, Christian Orthodox society with a very powerful church with a persistent presence in Cypriot society. To some extent it still is.
• Godblood was formed in the winter of 1990 by Deceased but it wasn’t until 1993 when Mephisto joined that they begun developing their own style and performing their first gigs.
• In 1994, their debut demo Flowers is released on the 14th of November. It was spread around through tape traders and mail-orders worldwide in a total of 666 copies, the first 200 of which sold in the first four months.
• In 1995, Godblood concentrated on live performances and in April they support Nightfall. On the 20th of May, the band support the Hellenic Metal Gods, Rotting Christ. After those appearances, cult underground label Molon Lave Records expressed interest in releasing a Godblood 7” EP, but the label dissolved before this could ever materialise. After these successful live appearances, the local Cypriot media attacked the band, with headlines referring to the bones Godblood used during concerts, their cover artwork featuring human skulls, and to their vocalist that was usually cutting himself onstage. Rumours of grave desecrations and other nefarious activities also persisted.
• In 1996, Godblood wrote new songs as the band further develops their style and in 1997 enter the studio to record “A Funeral” which is released as a 7” split EP with Macabre Omen through Daimonion Productions from Greece.
ETA: July-August
Enkil / Nephilim Split LP Coming Soon
Enkil / Nephilim Split LP
split by Enkil / Nephilim
Mid 90′s forgotten gems of American black metal.
ETA: July-August
Pest (Germany) “Buried” LP Out Now
Heidens Hart and NWN Presents:
Pest (Germany) “Buried” LP
Buried by Pest
This is Pest as you know and will remember them. Maniacal riffs, mad song writing and hysterical vocals. This became the final album from Pest, but it still has the typical Pest sound from beginning to end. A furious album with total morbid atmosphere coming from the other side; original European black metal that does not sound like Burzum or Darkthrone.
Originally released on CD by Ketzer Records in 2014, a vinyl edition was long overdue. The sound is optimized for the vinyl format, making sure the album has never sounded as good as this LP.
The band was reactivated in 2009 after none other than Arjan from Cultus / Heidens Hart invited the band for a concert. When told that the band did not have a complete lineup he simply took bass guitar duties (and later also vocals) after just one rehearsal. With a full lineup again, the band played it’s first concerts since 2001 and went through its most active period ever, between Oktober 2009 and April 2011, performing for example at Nuclear War Now! Festival part 1.
But the Pest era came to a very sudden end when drummer Mrok died shortly after the last two concerts. This album was recorded in the bands’ rehearsal room and a few weeks before his passing. HEIL PEST!
- Classic German black metal on vinyl for the first time;
- No DMM mastering;
- Glossy lamination;
- Includes insert with lyrics and photos.
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