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Friday, May 15, 2020

NUDO - Heavy/Power Metal / Spain

Heavy rock band in Spanish from the town of San Javier (Murcia).
In its origins, Nudo was simply a rehearsal room without training
defined group, where different colleagues gathered to play and improvise. It was
in late 2007 when a stable formation emerged and they started rehearsing
in a more serious way different versions of groups like Ozzy Osbourne, Judas
Priest, The Milds, Red Baron ... Without having yet chosen a name for the
band, they are invited by some colleagues to play at the festival that they organize in their
locality, the Romperribazos Rock 2008.
In early 2008, what had started a few months earlier as a
hobby among colleagues, surrounded by liters of beer and smoke, becomes
KNOT. In 2009 the recording CUERVOS takes place, in the factor Q studios,
this being the band's first album. After years of rupture, Izko remained
As the only founding member, the group is made with new components,
Andrés Cánovas joining the bass, Alberto Dannaya on drums and Emilio on

Nudo performs several concerts with this group together with bands like
Saratoga, Zenobia, Dünedain, Lust, etc. And after several decisions it is put in
What will be the new and second work of the group "Final Judgment", which saw
the light in 2015, counting with the casualties of Alberto Balsalobre to the battery and
Andrés Cánovas on the four strings. It is at this time that they join
Oscar (bass), Anibal (drums) and Dani MVN, thus creating the current line-up.
With Knot in the middle of recording his third album, his
departure by the end of 2018.

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