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Saturday, July 4, 2020


Ecuadorian Extreme Metal Band formed in the city of Quito - Ecuador, in 2008. The group
is currently made up of:
Guitar: José Morales.
Erick Campaña guitar.
Vocals: Jammes Loor
Bass: Jhon Enciso
Drums: Alexis Torres
After the dissolution of the Speed ​​Metal group "Amaru", the drummer Alexis Torres influenced by the scene
of extreme metal, decides to recruit Carlos Córdova (Bass) and Gabriel Cunuhay (Guitar), thus being the
formation of the Rigor band in May 2008, the members of this formation began to work
in the composition of different themes within the genres of Thrash and Death Metal, themes that were
subsequently improved and restructured during the consolidation of the Cogury band. This period
under the name of Rigor, it was a stage where the composition of various themes today referring to
in the band after the breakup of Rigor there is a change in name and with new members
Consolidate the Cogury band.
With a series of presentations, recognition is achieved, a position within the Quito scene and the
Attentive look at the metal public.
The name COGURY comes from the word Waorani, one of our uncontacted towns which means
or refers to: an unknown visitor with bad behavior and bad thinking, eater, destroyer, murderer, barbarian. It is how this indigenous people knows and calls the western human being the no
Our musical career includes some presentations at the national level, and internationally specifically in the provinces of Orellana, Cotopaxi, Bolívar, Pichincha, Tungurahua, Guaranda, Imbabura,
Colombia etc., obtaining very good reception from the public and support, which fills us with pride and keep pushing forward.