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Thursday, July 9, 2020


Lilith: Vocals
Mark Wild: Guitars and Backing Vocals
Ghorth: Guitars and Backing Vocals
Javi Bastard: Bass and Backing Vocals
Joe Bastard: Drums and Backing Vocals

 Körgull The Exterminator was unleashed in 2.004 by Joe Bastard, as a side project of his main Black Metal one-man-band Akerbeltz to explore the Thrashest side of Black Metal. The project was left aside until 2.007 when he crossed his paths with Mark Wild and, together with Lilith (and Drizzt from the band Empty as session bass) in vocals recorded four songs for their first Split in their garage/rehearsal room. During that rehearsals the three of them showed chemistry and started composing new songs, recruited Steel Maniac as bass player and stablished themselves as a band.

With that four songs, they gained Darkthrone’s Fenriz attention, and he included them in their “Band Of The Week” blogspot, what projected them further and gained them Xtreem Music and Dave Rotten interest in recruiting the band for the first Full Length “Dogs Of War”, that was also recorded in the garage/rehearsal room and had really raw production. The live circuits began, opening acts through Spain, UK, Portugal and France with bands like Inquisition, Old, Portrait, Sinister, Avulsed, Pagan Altar or Hellish Crossfire. Again through Xtreem Music the second album “War Of The Voivodes” was released and strongly supported with the likes of Metalion (from Slayer Magazine) or Agressor (from the band Aura Noir). With this second album, the band decided to record in a professional studio, and the album was produced by the long-time friend of the band Javi Félez at his Moontower Studios, what would begin a collaboration that never stopped until this day. Shows and festivals from all over Europe start to bill the band, such as Live Evil Festival’s first edition in London, and played in Belgium, Italy or Germany.

Through friendship forged in London with Norwegian act’s Deathhammer, the idea of releasing a Split 7” with the two bands was born, which led to a new full Length with the Norwegian label Duplicate/Demonhood records. The third one was called “Metal Fist Destroyer” and during those session the band recorded some extra songs for a Split 12” with their friends Graveyard (Spa) released through Doomentia Records. Following more live shows the band suffered their first and only change in their line-up, as Steel Maniac left the band. The spot was filled with the producer Javi Félez (aka Javi Bastard, from Graveyard, Teitanblood or Balmog amongst others) and the next step was to compose what would become the fourth full-length “Reborn From the Ashes” released through german label Van Records. Previous to that another split CD/LP with the new line-up was recorded and with drummer’s band Akerbeltz, in some quite of garage experiment with two new songs of each band and then two covers in their own style of the other songs, that was released through Hammerheart Records. “Reborn From The Ashes” led to the first headlining ten days tour through Europe, supported by Vigilance and Wildhunt, and reaching new countries as Slovenia, Romania (in the mighty Old Grave Fest), Hungary, Holland, and Germany and Belgium again.

Short after the tour, Mark Wild was seriously injured in a workplace accident, and the band had to take a nearly two-years hiatus, taking advantage of time to release the tenth anniversary of the first release through the double CD “Ten Years of Total Extermination” reuniting in the first CD all those songs included in the past Splits, 7” and 12” and every Bonus track ever recorded, and all the covers has made in the second CD with a new one of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades” with Fenriz’s guest vocals on it.

That was also time dedicated to compose what will be the fith full-length “Sharpen Your Spikes” and what will suppose two new “returns”. The drums and vocals of the new album has been recorded again at Redrum Studios to return to the rawer typical sound of the band, and also marks the return to their home-label Xtreem Music, after 10 years of the last release. Also a second guitar-player has joined the band, Ghorth, another old time friend known from Death and Doom metal acts like Decapitated Christ or Onirophagus to give an extra power to our live shows.

“Sharpen Yours Spikes” delivers the typical sound of Körgull The Exterminator, mixing ever influences like Desaster, Darkthrone, Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Mötorhead or Voivod, in their particular war, and with no fear of showing any musical style that feels ancient and aggressive, from Punk to Heavy Metal, from Black to Death Metal, and, why not, some dirty Rock’n’Roll!!!

 ⦁    Campanades a Morts (Intro)
⦁    Prophecy Of Black Blood
⦁    Inquisitor Generalis
⦁    Sharpen Your Spikes
⦁    Battle Ram
⦁    The Black Goat Of The Woods
⦁    Dawn Of The Extermination
⦁    Firing Squad
⦁    Follow The Flame
⦁    Sword & Sorcery
⦁    A Black Bird is Always a Warning

Produced by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios


All songs written, arranged and performed by KTE
Drums and vocals recorded at Redrum Studios by Joe Bastard
Bass & Guitars recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez
Mixed and Produced by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios

COVER ARTWORK by Alastor Nihilosatan

⦁    The Black Legions March Over … - Split CD (2008)
⦁    Dogs Of War – Full-length (2009)
⦁    War Of The Voivodes – Full-length (2010)
⦁    When The Hammer Strikes… - Split 7” (2011)
⦁    War Over Genova!!! – Live Tape (2012)
⦁    Metal Fist Destroyer – Full-length (2013)
⦁    La Germandat de la Nit Profunda – Split 12” (2013)
⦁    War & Hell – Split CD/12” (2015)
⦁    Reborn From The Ashes – Full-length (2015)
⦁    Death Lives! – Live Split 12” (2016)
⦁    Ten Years Of Total Extermination – Compilation (2018)
⦁    A Sang i Fetge – 7” EP (2018)
⦁    Sharpen Your Spikes – Full-length (2020)