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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Books for distribution: SEVEN METAL INCHES: 40 Years of Picture 7 "s in Extreme Metal"

As I did a few months ago I intend to bring interest reading to the label. On the previous occasion I was able to bring copies of the books "Tape dealer" and "Seven inches od Death", both a real pass as you could check the ones you bought them in their day

The same publisher has released an updated version of "SEVEN METAL INCHES: 40 Years of Picture 7" s in Extreme Metal ", his first work.

"Three years after its initial release comes the revised and expanded version of SEVEN METAL INCHES that tells the story of Picture 7" in extreme metal. Beginning with the VENOM pioneers, this book explores each decade to the present day. It is both an encyclopedia with details on each production of Picture 7 ”between 1983 and 2020 and a magazine with in-depth interviews with the bands that have released those little beauties. With more than 70 interviews with ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, MAYHEM, WATAIN, DESASTER, NAPALM DEATH, NUNSLAUGHTER or MEMORIAM, this book reaches all collectors and fans of vinyl. The revised version contains a design makeover that includes a new cover, the addition of much more content compared to the 2017 version, and improved paper quality. "

I give you a video so you can see how it is.

Taking advantage of the occasion, I could bring more copies of these titles, since some of them told me that they wanted to have it ("Tape dealer" and "Seven inches od Death").
Prices like the other time will fluctuate depending on the quantity you order, but I try to do my best to get a much better price than if you catch it at origin.
No pasta is ordered in advance, just serious if we order. First I will see how many are interested and then we confirm. So answering this email does not commit you, it is only an estimate.

The books offered are:

a) SEVEN METAL INCHES: 40 Years of Picture 7"s in Extreme Metal



Thursday, November 19, 2020


Spanish / English

La Cataluña Metallica es un Fanzine creado por Albert Solé Vives ,el cual durante varios años ha ido
recopilando material de bandas de la escena de Cataluña (España). Recientemente ha salido el numero
3 en el que incluye bandas como Evo,Tension,Viuda Negra,Blutaxt,Hangar 18,Max - rock,Inner Side,100Slain,Arsenal,Apocalipsis,Vibria y Doomsday. En este numero tenemos la interesante entrevista realizadaa Richard ,guitarrista y compositor de EVO.
 Si te gusta conocer las escenas de bandas de otros paises,este es tu fanzine,el cual por 4 Euros (España)
se lo podeis pedir a Albert Solé Vives :


 La Cataluña Metallica is a Fanzine created by Albert Solé Vives, which for several years has been
collecting material from bands from the scene in Catalonia (Spain). The number has recently come out
3 which includes bands like Evo, Tension, Widow Black, Blutaxt, Hangar 18, Max - Rock, Inner Side, 100Slain, Arsenal, Apocalypse, Vibria and Doomsday. In this issue we have the interesting interview conducted to Richard, guitarist and songwriter for EVO.
 If you like to know the scenes of bands from other countries, this is your fanzine, which for 4 Euros (Spain)You can ask Albert Solé Vives: