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Unleashing Sonic Storms from the Unlikely Highlands: Crossbones Emerges as Albania's Pioneering Force in Rock and Metal! Explore the raw energy as their music transcends borders and defies expectations. Join them on Spotify for a sonic journey that breaks through the limitations of geography and puts Albania on the global rock and metal map. Crank it up!

Crossbones, the enduring metal powerhouse from Tirana, Albania, was forged in the fires of 1996. Unyielding in their passion for the craft, Crossbones stands as the sole survivor from the mid-'90s metal scene, consistently delivering powerful performances that resonate across borders.

This relentless journey has seen Crossbones share stages with iconic figures in the rock and metal world, including the legendary Ian Paice of Deep Purple and as the main support act for Greek Black Metal legends Rotting Christ and co-headlining with Nervosa at Flex Fest Open Air 3 in 2021, alongside memorable appearances with Jinjer and an array of international bands.

Crossbones isn't confined by borders; they are the only Albanian metal band on a perpetual mission to conquer stages worldwide, securing international acclaim. They've graced venues and festivals both near and far, from their home scene to Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, and North Macedonia, embarking on tours through the Baltics (Estonia and Latvia) and Ukraine. In a testament to their captivating presence, they headlined the Balkan Metal Meeting 4 in Tuzla, Bosnia, on April 28, 2018.

Adding to their accolades, Crossbones proudly hosted Metal United World Wide for the Albanian chapter in both 2018 and 2019, demonstrating their commitment to global metal unity. Their journey continues, with recent appearance at the Lomljenje Metalom Open Air festival in Osijek, Croatia on August 5, 2023.

The band unleashed their latest album, 'The Awakening,' on July 12, 2019, via Alpha Omega Records, receiving widespread acclaim across Europe, the USA, and Australia. Collaborating with renowned producer and sound engineer Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studios, and previously with Tommy Talamanca of Sadist at Nadir Music Genoa, Italy. Crossbones combines American thrash/groove metal influences with a dark sound and Eastern European sonorities, redefining the European post-thrash genre.

Notable Features and Achievements:

  • Nomination for 'Breakthrough European Band' by Global Metal Apocalypse UK in 2017 and 2019.
  • Features in magazines such as Fireworks Magazine, Powerplay Magazine, Ultraje Magazine, RockHard and more. Inclusion in various CD compilations and international digital magazines.
  • Winner of the 'Release of the Year' award for Albania by Global Metal Apocalypse UK in 2017.
  • Collaborations with well-known producer Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studios and Tommy Talamanca of Sadist at Nadir Music Studios.

'The Awakening' (July 12, 2019)
'WWIII' (January 13, 2017)
'Alive' EP (April 7, 2015)
'Toxic Waste' (April 14, 2015)
'Days Of Rage' (September 26, 1997)

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DISTORTED REFLECTION - Third official lyric video (feat. Ross The Boss - OUT NOW!)


DISTORTED REFLECTION - Third official lyric video (feat. Ross The Boss - OUT NOW!)


The official lyric video for the sixth song "Cassandra" is available NOW:

Τaken from "Doom Rules Eternally" album (Iron Shield Records, February 9, 2024)

1. Mr. Snake
2. Ring Of Fire
3. Colours
4. Dark Mermaid
5. Twilight Zone
6. Cassandra
7. Victim Of Fate
8. Ghosts Of Mind
9, The Eternal Gate

Doom Rules = D.R.  

Distorted Reflection = D.R.  


Peruvian Metal band Chaska is set to release new Rites of June EP in spring - Nymph of the Lake single and music video out now!

DÖDSRIT premiere new track at


[photos: Void Revelations]

Today, hiking metalpunk horde Dödsrit premiere the new track "Celestial Will" at heavily trafficked web-portal The track is the second to be revealed from the band's highly anticipated fourth album, Nocturnal Will, set for international release on March 22nd via Wolves of Hades. Hear Dödsrit's "Celestial Will" in its entirety exclusively HERE.
Shrouded in Gyllbergen’s mist, and the sentient essence of the nocturnal fire burning within, Dödsrit hereby unveils its fourth beckoning, entitled Nocturnal Will.
With six hymns, Dödsrit purvey triumphant atmosphere, archaic strength, and mournful rejoice where every note reverberates with the weight of devotion and suffering.
Restless and visceral, these unhallowed tomes beckon the mournful chants from its resonant harmonious introduction to the victorious dagger in the very core of the cosmos under the celestial will of heroic bloodshed.
Utterly dynamic and organic, Nocturnal Will carries the elements of a record to be beheld through the ages. From feral wailing vocals, coupled with intricate guitar work – blazing with catchy-yet-somber melodic leads and acoustic lines – to the unrelenting rhythmic, percussive assault, a symbiotic maelstrom of sound is created with captivating and harrowing virtues.
Written in blood and fire, Nocturnal Will carries the nostalgia and grief of olden days into a new Aeon, with a will and command, a genuine fervor that shines beyond the burning ember and the smothering ash.

In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Celestial Will" exclusively HERE, courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "Nocturnal Fire" HERE at Wolves of Hades' Bandcamp. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover artwork, courtesy of Burney, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Dödsrit's Nocturnal Will
1. Irjala [10:37]
2. Nocturnal Fire [8:03]
3. Ember and Ash [0:45]
4. Utmed Gyllbergens Stig [4:33]
5. As Death Comes Reaping [10:45]
6. Celestial Will [8:29]


La Menäce Erebus Violence In The Veins, Hombre Montaña, 7 Lamentos Records 4 March 2024

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[ENG] La Menäce, the neocrust band created in 2022 by four musicians with extensive experience in Khmer, El Ego, Lee Cantinas, Dixpersión, Cantona, The Great Destroyer X, Deymos or Sunfaia, will release Erebus, their new EP, on 4 March on CD and digital.
It is co-released by the band’s own label, 7 Lamentos Records, together with Hombre Montaña and Violence In The Veins, and these new songs are inspired by Franklin’s lost expedition, using the disappearance of the ships Terror and Erebus in 1845 “as a metaphor to explore the feelings of loneliness, desperation, and survival present in human beings”, explains the Madrid-based band.
Recorded during 2023 at the Producciones Desastrosas studio and self-produced by the band with the technical help of Señor Lobo, La Menäce go back to the crust of bands like Ictus, Ekkaia or Tragedy, to also add some melodic death metal from At The Gates, post hardcore very Touché Amoré, Comeback Kid speed, the blackened crust of Svdestada, also black’n’roll of Kvelertak, and even more modern influences like Svalbard.
The result is surprising, powerful, and addictive, and has been topped off again by a great artwork by Mario C. Vaises. Epic bearded zapatilla, as La Menäce says!

[SPA] La Menäce, la formación neocrust creada en 2022 por cuatro músicos con amplia experiencia en Khmer, El Ego, Lee Cantinas, Dixpersión, Cantona, The Great Destroyer X, Deymos o Sunfaia, lanzará el 4 de marzo en CD y digital Erebus, su nuevo EP.
Se trata de una coedición del mismo sello de la banda, 7 Lamentos Records, junto con Hombre Montaña y Violence In The Veins, y estas nuevas canciones están inspiradas en la expedición perdida de Franklin, sirviéndose de la desaparición de los buques Terror y Erebus en 1845 “como metáfora para explorar los sentimientos de soledad, desesperación y supervivencia presentes en el ser humano”, explica el combo afincado en Madrid.
Grabado durante 2023 en el estudio Producciones Desastrosas y autoproducido por la banda con la ayuda técnica del Señor Lobo, La Menäce vuelven a partir del crust de grupos como Ictus, Ekkaia o Tragedy para añadir también algo de death melódico a lo At The Gates, post hardcore muy Touché Amoré, velocidad Comeback Kid, el blackened crust de Svdestada, también black’n’roll de Kvelertak, e incluso influencias más modernas como la de Svalbard.
El resultado es sorprendente, poderoso y adictivo, y además ha sido rematado otra vez por un gran arte de Mario C. Vaises. ¡Epic bearded zapatilla, que dicen La Menäce!

FEED THE CORPSES TO THE PIGS release "Anthology" via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

 Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have released the new collection from Albuquerque, New Mexico's Feed The Corpses To The Pigs"Anthology"  is available now on all streaming services, the HPGD Bandcamp and along with merch. Below is the official description:

Before releasing their acclaimed debut album "This Insidious Horror" on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Feed The Corpses To The Pigs toiled away in Albuquerque, New Mexico honing their craft with a unique mixture of Grindcore, Crossover/Hardcore, Black Metal and Death Metal.  Scraping together cash from their victims, the band gathered enough money to do a one-day EP/Demo at their local studio. This slab of eight frantic songs contains two stories: Corpselights and Eternal Servitude. The first story chronicles a serial killer who is trying to stop the ‘corpse lights’ of his victims from haunting him. The second story tells the tale of a teenager who will stop at nothing to get revenge. The band focuses on writing original horror stories and matching them to a variety of extreme music styles with a focus on memorable choruses.  For fans of Carcass, Death, Kreator, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, Skeletonwitch, Skinless and Tribes Of Pazuzu

Purchase the Digital Download for only $6.66 at

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Album Artwork:

Listen to the single "Slaughtercraft" at

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1. Slaughtercraft
2. Haunted
3. I Will Make You Dig Your Grave
4. Under The Scenery
5. Helpless Anger
6. I Fed The Book My Blood
7. Don't Put The Cart Before The Hearse
8. Eternal Servitude

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PALOOKA Crash The Gates of Rock w/ New Single "Cut You Out of Me" Off Forthcoming EP "Save Yourself" Out Feb 2024


Photo Credit - Chris Schanz

Resonating a hard-punching adrenaline-fueled rock sound PALOOKA brings forth big thick two-guitar songwriting with strong vocals remedies to soothe the soul. Releasing their title track "Save Yourself" from their forthcoming EP due out in February 2024. The band is previewing their second track off the record. Entitled "Cut You Out of Me", the song embraces change and perseverance to heal oneself with its exciting and irresistible chorus backed by its intense vintage guitar-driven riffs. It's straight-up rock n' roll that is all truth and pushes to rediscover oneself.

"PALOOKA is thrilled to unveil our latest song, 'Cut You Out of Me.' This track delves into the aftermath of the end of a significant long-term relationship. Even when parting ways is the right thing, there are haunting emotions tied to the void, the missed opportunities, and the unrealized potential. 'Cut You Out of Me' is a journey of reclaiming one's strength and forging a path forward." adds

Listen to "Cut You Out of Me" at the following links:

YouTube -

Digital -

PALOOKA hails from Seattle, USA, singer Chuck Campbell belts out melody lines full of emotion and purpose with tenacity. Chris Quinn and Glen Logan trade flurries of devastating and searing guitar punches reminiscent of a barroom brawl. All of which sits on the rock-solid pounding foundation built on the talents of Howard Binner on bass and the percussive mauler Jason Reavis on drums. This powerhouse of rock has been making waves since their debut album “What’s Wrong With Wanting Everything” in 2011. They have come a long way since then and their forthcoming 2024 EP “Save Yourself”.

As fans of a wide assortment of genres, PALOOKA channeled their influences into an energy and intensity that is all their own. They made a point to push their boundaries and across the upcoming EP, listeners can expect to hear elements of metal, blues, 70’s rock, grunge, alternative, and more.

Mostly written throughout the pandemic, the songs on “Save Yourself” were born from the unique environment of physical isolation, which not only left its mark on the personal themes of the songs but also played a pivotal role in the collaborative process. Interestingly, PALOOKA didn’t consciously decide on the track lineup. Instead, the songs, along with the circumstances that led to their creation, organically determined which songs found their place on “Save Yourself”. Loud, classic, and accessible PALOOKA is recommended for fans of Cheap Trick, Alice in Chains, and AC/DC.

"Save Yourself" will be released on February 23, 2024.

Music Video - “Save Yourself” -

Track Listing:
1. Cut You Out of Me (4:00)
2. F Mind (4:13)
3. Save Yourself (4:01)
4. Far From God (3:09)
5. Bellflower (5:54)
EP Length: 21:19

Album & Live Band Lineup:
Chuck Campbell: Vocals
Howard Binner: Bass
Jason Reavis: Drums
Glen Logan: Guitar
Chris Quinn: Guitar

More Info:


“Good old fashioned rock and roll..ferocious guitar work…. full of anthemic twists and turns.” - Glen Casebeer NW Music Scene (2018)

“Palooka brought a fire to the stage…playing a no nonsense brand of in your face rock music.”- NW Music Scene (2012)

“Combining one part attitude with three parts rock, this band will cross the boundaries between screaming guitar licks and soft acoustic ballads. They have given us exceptionally written songs peppered with intelligent and honest lyrics, incredible guitar playing, and an overall sense of talent that is occasionally too much to take in all at once.” - Rhonda Readence, Freelance Writer (2011)

“Fans of old-school rock will fall in love with Palooka's classic feel and energetic pace.” - Nathan Liss, Target Audience Magazine (2011)