Thursday, April 18, 2024

TRENCHWAR – FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

 Turkish thrashers Trenchwar have recently released their new album “From The Earth To The Moon”, and it’s certainly a worthy follow-up to their debut.

Their style hasn’t really changed that much, this is still powerful Thrash Metal that takes notable influences from Death and Black Metal to maximize the heaviness of their sound while still providing catchy satanic grooves to bang your head to. Some tracks also have epic melodies that recall the classic Swedish Death Metal masters, but these are arranged in a way that lets the aggressiveness still take the front stage, allowing for a straightforward and violent metal opus. These tracks also gain a lot of momentum thanks to the unique vocal performance, that certainly stands out despite appearing at first glance as a regular guttural one. My personal highlights are the title track and Shock Doctrine.

I recommend this album to fans of Thrash Metal, Blackened Thrash Metal and Thrash Death Metal. My rating is of 9/10.


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