Sunday, March 8, 2020

CHUGGER ( Melodic Death/Groove )

CHUGGER is a groove metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, successfully fusing the signature Gothenburg metal sound with the groove of American southern metal. Since the start in 2012, CHUGGER has been crushing Europe with their brutal sound and intense stage performance, comparable to high intensive acts like Slipknot, Lamb of God and Arch Enemy. The death machine is revving up again, and with brand new material in the tank, you will experience the headbang dealer that is CHUGGER! CHUGGER released their debut album 'Scars' in the winter of 2013, featuring songs 'Art of Science' and a rerecording of the first demo 'Bleed', among others. Following the release, the band voyaged across Europe to promote the album with their 'Scars Over Europe Tour' in 2014. The tour was widely successful and CHUGGER received excellent reviews on their live performances, especially for the energy they displayed on stage. After an intensive period in the studio, CHUGGER returned with their new album 'Human Plague' (Rambo Music/GAIN Music Entertainment/Sony Music) in 2015. Sweden Rock Magazine wrote "This is an album full of power and energy" and "brilliant guitar play". Close-Up Magazine felt the album "sets the emotional bar to 'right in the face'!'" and compared the band to the American equivalent Lamb of God. CHUGGER followed the album release with a European tour called 'Spreading The Disease Tour', which took them across most of Europe, including Spain, Italy and England. In early 2017, CHUGGER released 'Grinder' and the response has been nothing short of spectacular. The song was produced by Robert Kukla of Studio Haga, mixed and mastered by Christian Svedin. 'Grinder' was simultaneously released as a video brought to life by René U. Valdes and Greenworks Television, together with a great crew of talented makeup and gore artists. The video paid homage to classic horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. Fast forward to 2018, the death machine hit the stages again following the release of their new single 'Through Suffering Reborn', once again produced by Robert Kukla and mixed/mastered by Fredrik Nordström in legendary Studio Fredman. Some of the concert highlights over the year include Gefle Metal Festival and Wacken Open Air, where CHUGGER unleashed their groove death metal in front of roughly eight thousand screaming metalheads. Come Armageddon; In 2019, the unholy trinity worked together once more to produce CHUGGER's sophomore full length album. The dystopian themed 'Of Man And Machine' is served on a thick bed of guitars, and builds upon a rhythm foundation that takes absolutely no prisoners. The album is scheduled for a spring 2020 release under WormHoleDeath.
01 - Turning Point
02 - Pigs To Slaughter
03 - Flatline
04 - The Algorithm
05 - Beg, Burn, Fear
06 - Polaris (feat. Esben "Esse" Hansen)
07 - The Icarian Fall
 08 - Hollow Lies
09 - The Demons In Me

      Chugger - Through Suffering Reborn


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