Sunday, March 8, 2020

LAMORI ( Gothic Rock )

From Reservoirs of Darkness and Neon Lit Nightmares rises Finnish five-piece LAMORI. Their sound is defined by uniting Gothic Metal with Dark Wave, Modern Rock and everything in between. Lyrics inspired by cult horror movie maestros and old romanticism furthermore finalize their macabre elegance. The band roots back to 2006. Singer Matias Juselius and guitarist Marcus Pellas had ideas about starting a gothic rock band in their hometown of Mariehamn, on The Åland Islands. Jens Wickholm soon joined the duo, followed by Mikael Westerlund on bass. An acoustic live performance was held under the name L'Amori Acoustica. After a fruitless search for a drummer the band was put on ice for nearly two years. The group got together and started rehearsing again in late 2008, still searching for a drummer. Emanuel Sanchez stepped in and joined the group in early 2009. The band was now officially formed. Together they did their first live performance some months later. The constellation has remained the same until this day. Under the name L’Amori (later to be changed to LAMORI), the band recorded their first four track Demo EP in 2011, titled The Reservoirs of Darkness. Their first full-length album Deadly Desires was selfreleased some years later in 2013. A year after the release of Deadly Desires the band penned a record deal with Italian label Wormholedeath. Their first major album To Die Once Again was released through the label in 2016. It was at this time the band changed the name from L'Amori to the more straightforward LAMORI. The following years the band toured in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania and also started working on a new album. The recordings of Neo Noir began in the summer 2018 at Mathlab Studios in Italy, with producers Carlo Belotti and Jonathan Mazzeo. Of the three singles released prior to the album, An Angel by Your Side reached the most praise, hitting 380.000 views on YouTube in only one month.

 Line up:
Matias Juselius, vocals
Marcus Pellas, guitar
Mikael Westerlund, bass
Jens Wickholm, keys
 Emanuel Sanchez, drums
                             LAMORI “Neo Noir” 
01. An Angel by Your Side
 02. The Evil Inside of Me
 03. Born to Lose
04. Fade Out of Time
05. The Devil's Mark
06. Heaven Ain't For Us
07. Going Down
08. Wild Within
09. The Scientist

         LAMORI - "An Angel By Your Side"


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