Monday, March 30, 2020

UNIVERSAL THEORY - Atmospheric, Melancholic, Romantic, Passionate, With Dark Passages


                                                        Universal Theory are:                        
Jesús Pinilla: Guitars, Programming, Male Vocals
                                                                        María José Martos: Female Vocals

Universal Theory is a musical studio project created in 2011 by Jesús Pinilla and is based on one idea: “The Pleasure of Searching”
The Music – Atmospheric, Melancholic, Romantic, Passionate, With Dark Passages - is composed from lyrics inspired by personal experiences and thoughts.

Mystery Timeline (2013) Metal Hell Records
The Most Attractive Force (2015) Metal Hell Records

Two years after their debut, Madrid's UNIVERSAL THEORY has completed their second album "The Most Attractive Force". Due to be released on Metal Hell Records August 24th, 2015.

UNIVERSAL THEORY offers up a brighter and louder guitars on this album combining a heavier, more intense sound with a deep and melodic atmosphere. Once again Majo Martos returns to perform the female vocals. The new album closes with the collaboration of Beth Hart, a Pianist from Manchester, UK.




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