Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Sicilian HELLRAIDERS started skimming local pubs around 2013 with the aim to spread their dirty punkish Heavy Rock everywhere it was possible to! After years of intense hardworking rehearsals (possibly coupled with intense drinking sessions), the band delivered in 2016 its first release, called "Beat To Death", already showing a great potential when it comes to make people partying & headbanging fuckin' HARD! 6 songs, forged in the old-school heavy-metal style that could be compared to a mix of Acid, Raven, Tank... on SPEED ! - with at times a strong rock'n'roll touch à la Motörhead/Girlschool or still Wendy O'Williams if you refer to the "Kommander Of Kaos" album! You got the picture? High-fueled energetic heavy-metal rock'n'roll !

       HELLRAIDERS "Cursed By Gods"            

 Taken from "Fighting Hard" album to be  released March 30th 2020 on INFERNO Records !


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