Tuesday, April 14, 2020


At the beginning of 2020 PROYECTO ZEUS was born, commanded by FÉLIX BUSTILLO, mythical 
singer of the original formation of ZEUS, and with the help of CARLOS MARTÍN, who was 
a student of FRANCISCO HEREDIA, original guitarist of the band, and who accompanied ZEUS 
during many years in its legendary career. Being one of the most important Barcelona bands 
in all of Spain, supporting bands like Saxon, or the legendary Deep Purple.
Along with them join this revival, Iván Martín on guitars, Mario Vico on drums and Gerard 
Busquets on bass. With this new formation, the original themes have been compiled respecting 
the melodies, but giving a more aggressive, fresh and current character to the songs. Offering 
a spectacular and forceful live show.
THE CONTINUING LEGEND ………… .. Are you ready ?????????????????


Call  630 33 64 89

Proyecto ZEUS - "Asesinos"


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