Sunday, April 26, 2020

Carcinogen Daily - Stoner/Doom Metal

Carcinogen Daily was born out of the rich culture of music in Tulsa, OK.
Whether it be the grimy basement punk show, or the deep channels of traditional music found down on Main St.
There's a little bit of it all in the roots that Carcinogen Daily grew up from.
We had experience playing in bands together in the past so we were already tuned into each other's frequency.
As songwriters we can see the parallels between music today and music from eras long past.
We feel satisfaction if we can channel those universal musical constants into our performance.
Music is timeless.
Harpo Barx - Vocals
Josh Malone - Bass
Ben Knievel - Drums
Stephen Bisbee - Guitars
1. Hot Foot Powder 01:22   instrumental
2. Hell Hound Thunder Beast 05:18  
3. Sterilized 03:02  
4. Falling Way Down 05:23  

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