Wednesday, April 22, 2020

El Lado Oculto" is the second album by this band from Granada, which they did not know.
The album revolves around two concepts of Japanese philosophy that are very present in
Japanese culture: Omote and Ura.
“Omote, refers to the image that the person wants to demonstrate to the world. An image
"positive" at the same time cold without emotion. For its part, Ura is the most real and natural version
of himself. Ura is usually hidden by Omote and when exposed causes great
harm and shame in revealing the unreality of Omote ... ". This is the concept in which
the album is based, the first listen you get hooked. It is full of hard rock themes and
others of more classic Metal. Great rhythmic base, guitar solos and riffs is what comes out of
this album, along with the voice of Mireia, which has a special voice. I really like your theme
"In your memory" a more sentimental song to listen to and enjoy. "The Ice Age" will be perhaps
one of those songs that a band will always have to play at their concerts. Recorded in the studios
Santuarium with Alberto Rionda de Avalanch. To be released on February 14 again
together with Duque Producciones.
As a preview of the album, the people of Granada have shown us ‘Ojos que Gritan’ and the video clip of
‘The Hidden Side’ theme that gives the album its name. The video clip has been shot and directed by
Henry Menacho and features the performance of Maya Murofushi.

Knights Of Blood - El Lado Oculto


1. Estigma del condenado (Intro) 01:36   instrumental
2. El lado oculto 04:07  
3. Promesas vacías 05:04  
4. Ojos que gritan 04:20  
5. Vuela 04:03  
6. Crematonía 03:52  
7. En tu memoria 04:21  
8. La cuenta atrás 05:38  
9. La era de hielo 04:17  
10. Sed de otros 03:38  
11. Triste condena 06:33  










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