Thursday, April 9, 2020

Gravered is a band from Santiago generated in 2013 when Javier Soto, Rodrigo “Roco” Contador,
join forces determined to make a rotten, simple and bone-less death metal, without decorations,
influenced by the dense and heavy sound of Swedish bands
Like Nihilist, Dismember and the most rotten American composition to the autopsy. When Cesar
Sanchez joined the drums, the rehearsals began and the music began to be created.

After various line up changes, Freddy miranda enters the bass. Under this alignment the themes
Monolith of horror and flesh, Fatal winds of pestilence and hail to the legions that rise from
lesh and darkness are created,

Which would be recorded on a Promo album that will soon go around the world, having excellent
reviews in different underground areas around the world.

After nearly a year confined to rehearsal rooms alone, and with a mind to edit an ep, in October
2014, Javier Soto, one of the main creators of Gravered, died in a car accident, leaving the band
paralyzed for several months, until that Roco decides to reform the monster by moving Freddy from
bass to guitar and including Cristian Álvarez, ex-bear on bass, determined to quickly record an ep,
rehearsals begin and in July 2015 they enter Claudio Salinas's studio where he is vomited Coffins
Graves and Tombs.

An EP that included three songs from the Javier soto stage and a new song that gives the album its name.
When the album is released, Gonzalo Hecatombe enters the bass, who then takes over the drums and as a
new guitar, Cristian Cifuentes.

This is how Gravered extends its shadow through various cities in Chile, debuting in the serene, and then
playing with the death metal Master classics !!!

After various presentations in which the presentation with Vader in Temuco can be highlighted, Gravered
returns to the room thinking of releasing "NON" his new material, which would be two new songs in Spanish,
and a Cover by Autopsy Masters.

2018 materializes in Tape and Cd format, Recorded in DM6.

Along with a video clip of Non Christ. (Recorded with the cell phone) the way to edit it was if the magic
was done and the first trailer for the exorcist high contrast movie was taken as a reference.
In 2019 a preview of the 2020 album titled "Classic Cult To Death" is recorded,
the new production entitled "Cult to ...":
Intro (Funus Magno) / Classic Cult to Death / Outro (Ad Sepulcrum).

Plus three live tracks: Non Cristo / Rotten / Coffins Graves and Tombs
Recorded at Sudamerican Death Thrash Fest 2019.
Live Sound, Gerardo "Zapallo" Pinto; Recorded by Claudio "Bliol" Bravo; Mixed & Mastered by Gonzalo "Hecatombe".

Edited in digipack by the mexico label for Iron Bones and Corporate and in Tape e chile by Total Pagan Madness.


Promo1 Demo 2015  
Coffins Graves and Tombs EP 2016  
Non EP 2018
Cult to... EP 2019  

              GRAVERED CULT TO...(Ep)



1. Intro (Funus Magno) 01:13   instrumental
2. Classic Cult to Death 06:15  
3. Outro (Ad Sepulcrum) 01:17   instrumental
4. Non Cristo (Live) 07:18  
5. Podrido (Live) 05:39  
6. Coffins Graves and Tombs (Live) 06:21    


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