Friday, April 24, 2020

Interview with the band "Knight Of Blood"

              Jose Ramon Vilchez of Knights Of Blood answers us.
When are Blood Knights formed?

It all goes back to 2015, when Mireia and I met,
we wanted to form a group and we began to test
little by little with various components, Alex
 was one of the first to stay fixed and eagerly,
fortunately it didn't take long for Javi and Kyle
to arrive.
Once the band and seeing that we all had the same
desire and things were clear we ventured into Valencia
to record the first EP.

Before your second album, "EL LADO OCULTO", before
you had released the Ep "Revolution" in 2017, the album
"False Reality"and the single "Ojos Que Gritan" from 2020.What has changed from those firstworks to the latter?

Above all, a greater definition of how the band wants to sound
accompanied by musical maturity and experience.

Have you been in other bands?

Nothing serious, Garage bands so to speak.

Many bands decide to sing in English, have you ever thought
about singing in this language?

We love metal in Spanish and that is why we were very clear from
the beginning that we wanted to compose in it.

Who writes the letters and what are you talking about in them?

Currently Mireia writes them all, although we usually do a round
of ideas about what to write together.The topics we deal with range from 
Claim, feelings, news ...

Why the name "Knights Of Blood"?

A friend of ours who wanted to be part of the band but did not become
one proposed this name and despite being in English we liked how it was.

The album was recorded in Asturias at the Alberto Rionda Sanctuarium
studios.Why did you decide on these Studios?

We were looking to try in another studio, to change the Aires and one day
eating Javi said, hey, what if we recorded with Rionda ?. After time we met
Alberto at an Amadeus concert in which we opened for them and reached an

The first thing that caught my attention is the variety of styles that you
have combined.
One theme sounds more Hard Rock to you, another one goes to Classic Metal
and I dare say more Speed. Is it due to the influences of each member of the band?

Indeed our tastes are very different despite the fact that we agree on many things,
and that makes us sound original because each one puts its touch and freshness.

The typical question, which bands have influenced you when composing?
 Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Havok, Children official Bodom… etc

You had the opportunity, before this pandemic that is ravaging the planet, to present
your album live?

Yes, we were really lucky to be able to do a fantastic tour together with Axxis and

What can a fan expect from a "Knights Of Blood" concert?

To 5 musicians giving everything on stage.

You have a concert or Festival closed, so we can see you live (although with what we
areliving, I think it will take us all to go to some concert)?

A tour for January with Eternal idol, a project by Fabio Lione

Members of the band?

We are 5, Mireia on vocals, Jose and Javi on guitars, Alex on bass and Kyle on drums.

The cover is incredible, who designed it?

It has been a spectacular work done by Gustavo Sazes and Natalia in photography.

This one goes for Mireia, is it difficult for a woman to sing in a band today in this country?

Your voice recorded me to Xina de Oker and a little to María Isabel de Alma Culter.

For nothing. Nowadays the truth is that there are many bands in which there are women not
only singing but also playing. What is difficult is being a good singer, a good musician, but
that is independent of whether you are a man or a woman and that is how it should be.

Well for no one it is a secret that since I started in this heavyweight world I always said that
my greatest influence was Xina, due to her singing strength. I'm glad you tell me that

Finally, say what you want to the people who follow you and those who still do not know you?

Thank you very much for all the support to both those who follow and to you for the interview,
and to those who have not yet given us, we encourage you to listen to our music, a hug!
         Interview with Knight Of Blood by Didac "Metallian" López.

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