Monday, April 27, 2020

SYNERGHIA - New album "Superación"

Launch of the second studio work by the Seville band SYNERGHIA, entitled "Superación", an album that has featured in the co-production the renowned sound engineer, Alberto Seara (Sober, Wizard of Oz, Hamlet, Skunk D. F.).

 SYNERGHIA is a band called to revolutionize the emerging national Rock scene, they have all the ingredients to be it: a superlative vocalist with a privileged voice. They say that her live voice is shocking, original, with a great personality, strength and energy, and her lyrics are deep and full of emotions. Accompanied by experienced Sevillian musicians, ranging from metal to progressive rock to older school rock, SYNERGHIA reaches a very diverse audience with their music, because until now, no one has managed to label them in any specific style, and that is something what makes them different. They call it New Rock.

His album is available on all digital platforms.

We leave you the link to the video clip of the first single:

Synerghia – Superación

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