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The project was born in the early 2000s, before it was an instrumental progressive rock group called

DNA, which over time were writing lyrics and looking for a singer, there were changes of members that

They went and others entered, Juan Francisco Lozano has always been the engine of the project to whom the idea of

make fusion rock that later in 2007 was transformed into what is now Muan.

The members at the beginning Muân, were Daniel Rodrigo Troncoso on drums who recorded the percussions in

what is in the process of being the album, and Andrés Ernesto Gómez on bass, who recorded the bass on it

draft. Andrés for work reasons left for Peru in 2015 and Daniel retired due to other commitments

that they did not allow him to continue in the band in the same year. Three singers have passed through the band, the first was

Ricardo Arce who left for work commitments, then there was Gustavo Barrera Ex-Vertigo (from whom they have

left some voices recorded so far on the album and is the author of the lyrics for you), then decided to go for

other ways ...

All this had generated instability in the project more than anything due to not having a permanent singer.

in the band, delaying the production process for the voice sessions.

To the studio and recording room (Genoma Produccion Sonora) that Juan Francisco Lozano has had during these

years, in 2011 Zoociencia arrived; band that rehearsed in the studio and over time they decided to record two

singles under the production of Juan Francisco Lozano, performed in 2013. One day they were in session

Voice recording, Juan Dario Ovideo, began to warm up the voice with a piece by Rubén Blades, who called the

Attention to Juan Francisco and for this, he proposed that if he joined Muán, Juan accepted. At that time still

Daniel and Andrés were there, with this training Muán had a couple of presentations, then Andrés left for Peru

and shortly after Daniel retired.

With this situation, only Juan Dario Ovideo and Juan Francisco Lozano remained, who proposed to Harol Bajista

from Zoociencia playing in Muán and some time later he would do the same with Carlos Alberto Guerrero, since 2014 this is

Muán's current formation.

Members of Muán
Juan Francisco Lozano Reyes (guitar, choirs, composition and musical production)
Juan Dario Ovideo Monsalve (Main Voice)
Harol Quiñones Martinez (Bass and backing vocals)
Carlos Alberto Guerrero Pinto (Drums)


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