Monday, May 11, 2020


OCEANS OF SLUMBER release cover version of “Strange Fruit”!

US metal outfit OCEANS OF SLUMBER present their version of Abel Meeropol's “Strange Fruit”. The single comes with an official music video filmed back in February in observation of Black History month.

Oceans of Slumber's Cammie Gilbert has the following to say: "To overcome atrocity we must first acknowledge the crime. We must acknowledge that when actions go wrong they send a jagged line down the seam of history, co rrupting our interactions, and marring our hearts. No one’s perspective can change the experience of another. No one's modern resolve can undo the pain that was caused. History is challenging, history is frustrating, and history can be very depressing. But history provides us lessons for the present, and hopefully guidance for the future. It teaches us to combine our voices in the name of love, to strive against divisiveness becoming our nature, to uphold and help one another, so that never again does strange fruit hang from the poplar tree. Together we strive to perpetuate love by working together to unravel the hurt. Together we are strong, and together we can overcome anything.”

Watch the video for “Strange Fruit” here:

OCEANS OF SLUMBER just finished working on their new album. Stay tuned for more news to come within the next days.


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