Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Out July 10th - Symphonic Power Prog - Calgary's OSYRON - Foundations (Concept Album Exploring Canadian History and Identity)

What the press has said:
““Ignite,” a battering ram to the face. A song that merges together two competing elements, the need for speed, and the curious desire for melodical contextualization.” – The Median Man

“Their excellent blend of melody, speed and power always hits the sweet spot and I always enjoy seeing them. Progressive Power Metal at its finest. I could see them playing in Atlanta on PowerProg one year soon!” – Metal Rules (Live Review)

“Everything about KINGSBANE is supremely well done. They are one of my new favourite Canadian bands!” – Metal Rules (2017 Kingsbane album review) “‘Kingsbane’ Voted #17 Best of 2017” – Metal Rules

“Prepare to enter the sonic equivalent of Valhalla, where glory is won with axes in hand; axes bearing six strings that pour forth thundering metal into the moody skies of some long-forgotten time.  ” – Beatroute (2017 Kingsbane album review)

“This is heavy metal in some of its purest form. If you like your metal with a real force behind it you should give this one a spin or two. This is metal.” – BattleHelm  

?      Out of the five members of Osyron, four of them have diverse backgrounds in the technical aspects of music production from record engineering, to production and mixing, to graphic design and website design. Much of our ‘behind the scenes’ activities are handled completely in-house. Almost all of our music is recorded by Tyler Corbett and Cody Anstey, who each have a foothold into the local audio engineering community. Krzyzstof Stalmach writes and composes symphonic music scores from his home studio, and handles all of our backing instrumentation on the records and at our live shows. Bobby Harley handles almost all of our web presence, building and maintaining the official website and social media.

?      Osyron had a great opportunity in 2017 to open up for Western Canadian heavy metal giants Into Eternity in Edmonton, AB. It was our first time performing outside of our home city with a completely new line up. Not knowing what to expect, and with only a small draw of die-hard fans, friends, and a few family members, we had no idea what was in store that night. There was a line up out the door, and the venue was over capacity so they had to turn away people at the door (including some friends and family of the band). With adrenaline coursing through our veins, and a full energized crowd, we played a quick 30-minute set to mosh pits, heavy headbangers, and new fans. The experience was a foreshadow to what the new line up was capable of with not only our new music, but the chemistry that was being forged on stage that night.

?      Guitarists Bobby and Krzysztof have played games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft with members from In Flames. Because of this relationship, they’ve also been able to hang out with them backstage multiple times, as well as the opportunity to meet members from other bands such as Behemoth, Machine Head, As I Lay Dying, and Killswitch Engage.

?      We produced and uploaded our own metal version of O Canada on YouTube in 2018, and have received word that the song has been played in multiple schools throughout the country, been used on Canadian podcasts, etc.

Calgary’s Osyron has a new album on the way, the explosive and thought-provoking “Foundations” releasing on July 10, 2020 via SAOL/The Orchard.

According to the band “Foundations” is meant to be digested as an immersive exploration of Canadian history and identity, speaking on topics on the country’s colonization to the mistreatment and recognition of Aboriginals to the country’s participation in global warfare. Although it is not a conceptual release, it does bear a consistent theme across nearly the entirety of the record.

The band notes that this is the first album where each band member has contributed to the writing processes, which has resulted in a stronger, more refined production overall. Osyron shares their expectations for the album’s reception:

“We believe that the album will both surprise and challenge our current and new fans while still bringing back the big elements we are most known for (hooks, huge layered sections, melodies, and finger-twisting riffs, etc). We would like to think that our fans would accept this as not only the next iteration and evolution of us as a band but also as the artistic progression of the music.”

Osyron brings their high energy, fun, and engaging production to the small screen with the video for “Ignite”, which recounts Canada’s role in WWI, told from both the perspectives of Canada and the UK.

For fans of Nightwish, Dream Theater, and Wintersun; Osyron is progressive, powerful metal with a knack for engaging storytelling.

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