Sunday, June 28, 2020

BA’ALZAMON – A DESOLATE PLACE (Review by Varg The Mighty)

Last year American Symphonic Black Death Metal band Ba’alzamon released their debut album, “A Desolate Place”.
Their approach to the genre consists in a symphonic version of melodic death metal with tints of black metal, and you can appreciate every genre differently on each song.
This album is full of elegant melodies in the style of Therion or At The Gates, while it also includes bits that may remind of In Flames, although the overall impression is of symphonic black metal that leans on a more symphonic side of it all.
It also includes pieces of piano, violin or other orchestral instruments, sometimes even omitting completely the conventional metal instruments, somewhat like My Dying Bride’s “Evinta”. They then combine this with black metal vocals and very elaborate guitar composition to bring a very fresh and elegant album.
The last song includes guest vocals from Becca Blackmore, and it delivers a very different, unexpected feel than the other songs. It is a very interesting way to finish the album, since the style shifts quite drastically.
 Despite how good some songs are, others are quite forgettable and fillers. The album would’ve been better with 2 or 3 songs less, and it would’ve still been an adequately long full-length, maybe still surpassing 50 minutes. It may have been better to separate the whole into 2 different full-lengths, since that may have helped the more impatient listeners to be able to finish hearing it before and enjoy it all more.
This album is very interesting, and recommendable to fans of elegant and elaborate black death metal. The whole album may end up being boring for most people, but only listening to a few of the songs, especially the first ones, is totally worth it.

Review by Varg The Mighty

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