Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Black Bomber - Hard Rock, Heavy, Punk/Spain

Created in Ponferrada at the end of 2015, this quintet with very different tastes
within Rock ranging from Heavy Metal to Punk, through Stoner, Thrash, Crush ...,
decide mix it all up in a combo that results in a very powerful and band-like Hard Rock
such as Motorhead, Nasville Pussy, Rose Tattoo, ...
In mid-2018 they recorded and self-released their first demo with five songs titled “Baptized in
Beer ”with great acceptance by the Bercian public.
On October 15, 2019 his first LP titled “Vol.1” comes to light. Engraving and Mixing on
Kollapse studies (Lugo) by Iván Ferro.
The cover and Artwork of the same is in charge of Pamela Cohelo.
The Disc can be found on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, Itunes,
Thanks to the financing of six record labels of the National Underground (Gato Encerrado
Records, Violence in the Veins, Odio Sonoro, Hombre Montaña, Noiseland Records y El
Beasto), a print run of 300 vinyls is released that fade away like gunpowder.
Due to Pedro's health problems, the entire filing process had to be postponed.
On Friday March 13th another edition of the album comes out, this time on CD, so you can
continue to enjoy their powerful mix of Rock, Heavy and Punk in equal parts.
Again all the presentation events of the album are truncated because of the happy
COVID-19. We chose a bad year to release a record !!!
Meanwhile, the band continues working from home with the promotion of this “Vol.1” and the press
the length and breadth of the geography echoes the launch and emitting brutal criticism of the
We hope that all this nightmare ends soon and the band begins to spin, because in the
concerts and in direct contact with people is the true essence, spirit and raison d'être of
Black Bomber.
Health and beer for everyone !!!!

 Members of the band:
Drums: Isi Gallego
Bass: Roberto Prieto
Guitar: Javi LesPaul
Guitar: Pedro J. Jáuregui
Voice: Albatros de Migui


Call to : 652 03 08 83

1.Black Bomber 02:58
2.Brian Ellie 04:11
3.Burn Your Church 02:
4.The Arsonist 03:36
5.Rock'N'Roll Overdose 04:22
6.Let's Get Drunk 04:11
7.My Fuckin' Motorbike 03:26
8.Unlucky Man 03:47
9.Raise Your Finger Up 03:10
10.Down To The Ground 03:37 

Origin: Ponferrada, El Bierzo (León)

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