Friday, June 26, 2020

BLACK BOMBER -VOL.1 Review by David Kiss)

Created in Ponferrada, El Bierzo (León) at the end of 2015, this quintet with very different tastes within Rock n¨Roll brushstrokes of Punk, Heavy, Stoner ... decide to mix this type of influences and in mid-2018 they recorded and self-released their first Demo with five songs titled "Baptized in Beer".
At the end of 2019 his first LP titled “Vol.1” comes to light. Recorded and Mixed in the Kollapse studios (Lugo) by Iván Ferro, the Artwork of the cover is in charge of Pamela Cohelo.
They make a print run only on vinyl of 300 copies, which quickly runs out, since they begin to have a legion of very faithful followers in their hometown Ponferrada and surroundings, being the album on digital platforms, they realize that there is beginning to be a good demand and decide to make a CD edition, which, of course, Bathoryzine echoes.
What you will find on this album, since it is clear from his song Homonymous Black Bomber, rock n 'roll to the puero Motorhead style, singer with a hoarse Lemmy voice, classical guitars like Eddie "Fast" Clarke and drummers like Animal Taylor. That does not mean that the song does not have a groove, that it has a lot ...
Listen to Overdose or Rise Your Finger Up, the spirit of Lemmy is latent, with touches of Rose Tattoo or Nashville Pussy, that badass, street rock that has so many followers and which I include myself.
If you are cool with this type of rock with balls, it makes you donkey just hear it, without being eaten by the head with endless and boring solos, with mental organ straws or boring scales give Black Bomber a chance, as they would say to their people with their own words Cheers and beer for everyone !!

Components of the band:
Voice: Migui Albatross
Guitar: Javi LesPaul
Guitar: Pedro J. Jáuregui
Drums: Isi Gallego
Bass: Roberto Prieto

Call  652 03 08 83

Review by David Kiss

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