Wednesday, June 10, 2020

BLAZING RUST - Line Of Danger

Coming from St. Petersburg/Russia, BLAZING RUST are now releasing their second album "Line Of Danger" - after they already did the debut "Armed To Exist" in 2017 through PURE STEEL RECORDS.

Traditional Heavy Metal with a decent hard rocking edge, the guys have a carefree freshness that is second to none. Pure "New Wave Of Traditional Metal"; often more melodic, but sometimes more riff influenced - the quintet never loses the balance between talented songwriting skills and kicking ass. The influences of old legends such as I.M. and others can’t be denied, but BLAZING RUST always have their own trademark sound that will convince even a picky metal fanatic.

For fans of the even more younger Metal generation, a more than worthy piece of stainless steel!

1. Let It Slide
2. Line Of Danger
3. Amidst The Furious Waves
4. Race With Reality
5. The Son Of Lucifer
6. Murder
7. Only To Burn
8. Crawling Blind
Total Playing Time: 38:17 min

Igor Arbuzov – vocals
Roman Dovzhenko – guitars
Serg Ivanov – guitars
Dmitry Pronin – bass
Dmitry Dovzhenko – drums


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