Friday, June 19, 2020

New Suggested DOOM from Metal Coffee Lake of Dreams

Dreams can encompass a variety of moods and therefore LAKE OF DREAMS a solo project that will capture those moods to bring you energy through music to flow through the realms of darkness, romance, healing and beauty".
Solo Project: Sang, written and performed by Karina Sher
Karina Sher has been writing music and performing since 1994 originating from band Neutral Shade and from 1996 the band Mindlapse where Karina was secured a contract with HTT Records.
In 2015 after she decided to dissolve Mindlapse, Karina decided to embark on a personal project to work on acoustic material which has elements of a gothic, doom, dark folk and progressive nature influenced from bands such as The Gathering, Southern Isolation, Trees Of Eternity, Lacuna Coil, Opeth (Damnation Album), My Dying Bride, Faun, Dead Can Dance, The Moon & The Nightspirit, Hammock, Anathema, Antimatter and a lot of movie soundtracks, films, poetry and ideas to embark on composition.
"The theme is about an ancient druid witch that uses her magic to heal a high rank soldier of war. They had forbidden love where they both kept leaving each other because they both would be killed if anyone found out as the druids hated the authorities and the authorities hated witches/druids and would drown them. However they risked losing everything to be together and when together they were happy, when apart miserable but the solider risked losing his life as did she. The love was questioned as he kept trying to leave her but the connection was too strong. In the end they had to make a decision. The first EP is the first chapter in this story. It is to be continued. Will they make it?"
With 6 songs written for the new EP, Karina, has recorded a masterpiece for a debut recorded at The Outhouse Recording Studio in Reading with John Mitchell.
"The Wake"
"The Day After"
"Patterns Of Non-Existence"
"Memories Fading"
"Queen Of Heart"
Lake of Dreams is available from Itunes, Spotify and most streaming sites.
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