Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Convocation - Ashes Coalesce (Review By Varg The Mighty)

On July 3rd Finnish funeral doom duo Convocation will release their second album, “Ashes Coalesce”.
On this full-length, we can hear oppressing funeral doom in the style of Thergothon with mesmerizing keyboards that always fit appropriately in this genre, reminding of other bands like Slow, Mournful Congregation or Ahab.
What distinguishes this from any other funeral doom band is their hints of death metal, which can be heard in some pieces, especially in “Martyrize”, where you could even think that it’s a slow part of a death metal song if you weren’t listening before. The songs fluctuate with this approach and a more classic one for funeral doom, and it sounds completely natural, not forced.
As the cover may suggest, this album drags you down into a sea of misery in which you’ll drown while you try to escape in vain your demise. The use of constant monotony with changes into different shapes of the same will leave you hypnotised until the end of each song, and with the next track it will all start again. Once the soft intro turns into the down tuned guitar chords, there’s no escape.
MN’s vocals fit perfectly with LL’s sorrowful music, adding more despair to the whole every time he sings. It is the most indicated voice for the music, since it has no difference from the bigger names of the style and it doesn’t bring any unnecessary attempt to change the formula.
This is a good funeral doom album, and maybe it can also interest the fans of faster musical styles like death or black metal who want an introduction to doom’s most extreme subgenre.
Review by Varg The Mighty

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