Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thy Dominion - Black/Death Metal/Uruguay

THY DOMINION was created in 1997 in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, as a parallel project by Sargón, Kaos (NECRÓPOLYS) and Unholy Rites (Requiem Aeternam). The original idea was to make a fast and direct black metal. Over time the songs incorporated more melodies and added some Viking Metal elements. In 1999 they entered the EL SOTANO studios to record 6 tracks of their blasphemous repertoire, in this way in a short time "The age of devil" EP was released under the production of DTB. In a few weeks the copies are sold out and this marks a great beginning for the band. The lineup for this EP was:
Sargon-Bass and Vocals, Unholyrites-Guitars and Kaos-Drums. After presenting it on the Montevideo metal circuit, the band decided to incorporate a well-known Horror writer Gerardo Bloomerfield, but this last idea was unsuccessful since it showed a lack of professionalism at all times and he was expelled from the band after a presentation. It is through the demo "The Age of the Evil" that the offer to record their first album in the city of Lima - Peru arose, which was to be released by System Beyond Records. At the beginning of the year 2000 the band traveled to Peru and settled for two weeks in Session Studio with Jhon Capcha (Hadez)
as a sound engineer, and his debut album THE GREAT DEATH was born there. It contains 9 tracks of pure Black metal. The theme of the album ranges somewhat between the occult arts, paganism and the glorification of ancient battles. Dedicating to each song a theme according to its context. Before leaving Peru, THY DOMINION made a presentation in the city of Lima, with a good response from the Peruvian public. At the beginning of 2001, the band released one hundred copies of THE GREAT DEATH on their own account, most of which were for zines and radios, both in Uruguay and abroad. A few months after the album was released, and after finishing the recording of what was going to be a new EP, the band decided to step aside from the metal scene for personal reasons. In late 2008 after
7 years of absence Sargón and Kaos decide to meet again to resume with THY DOMINION, and recruit two new members, Lager and Abigor.-

1.     Unrevealed Mysteries     03:18    
2.     Pazuzu     04:25    
3.     Unholy War     05:40    
4. Empty Coffin     04:32    
5.     In the River Called Death     05:04      


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