Monday, July 20, 2020

HELSEWHERE - Hard Rock (Switzerland)


Hard Rock style with Infernal and Demented show.
HELSEWHERE was created in 2015 in Lausanne (Switzerland) by Freeman Style
Spanish-guitarist, singer, author, composer and performer.
He set out to find musicians with his madness, his desire, his excess and the first
who answered the call was Justice Blade, a crazy Swiss solo guitarist and
singer.Then here another Swiss Rock enters the scene with the same madness,
drummer and singer. For a time the three of them worked alone shaping it.
to the beast, even beyond the underworld appears Mars, an Englishman also living
in Switzerland, bassist and singer who was attracted by the madness of the project, to close the circle
and form the 4 elements and awaken the beast from its torpor.
Of course we become the 4 elements.

Freeman Style: The Water
Justice Blade: Fire
Rock: Earth
Mars: The Air

This is the beginning of creation.Welcome to the world of the 4 elements ,,,, will continue ...

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