Wednesday, July 15, 2020

VOID ROT out with their debut ALBUM! PROMO available NOW!

"III" was recorded last summer at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, under the direction of Grammy nominated producer Tom Dalgety (Ghost, Rammstein, Royal Blood, etc). The result of this great collaboration, is an album capable of opening more doors to the international world of rock, which will welcome the band as royalty, to what really is Kaiser Franz Josef.

"Epitaph" tells a story of unhealthy interpersonal relationships that suck you in and take your energy away. Musically, by contrast, the song grabs you in an elegant way with Tom playing an impromptu beat throughout the song. Powerchord-Disco? Why not! The icing on the cake is a guitar solo played with an electric Kazoo.
In extraordinary and challenging times, the world belongs to the brave, the creative, the thinkers. If the public cannot attend a festival, the best thing about the festival is reaching the public. The annual Nova Rock festival in Austria should have been held in mid-June 2020, but, like many others, it couldn't have been. The festival promoters partnered with a well-known energy drink brand and, despite all the difficulties, set up a stage at the place where they were going to hold the festival. 4 bands were invited to this great Rock & Roll show, including Kaiser Franz Josef. Sham (vox, guit), Pete (bass) and Tom (drums) took the field, the Pannonia Fields, to be precise, and a camera crew recorded the performance, which was streamed on the festival dates.

You can see the streaming here:
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