Monday, August 24, 2020

AETHERIUS OBSCURITAS – MÁRTÍR ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Hungarian Black Metal band Aetherius Obscuritas have recently released their eighth album, “Mártír”.
Similar to their other albums, in this one they also maintain the majesty of pure Black Metal in the style of the Norwegians.
This album starts quickly with a cool drum intro that delivers you straight into the darkness of their songs. Although the guitar riffs are very common (but this is something good seeing how people stray so much from the core of the genre now), the voice is pretty good, quite comparable to Kvist or Thyrfing. The spacey outro and the elaborate and folk acoustic interlude “Beyond The Walls” are notably much different than the rest of the songs, giving a nice variety to the album.
This band has quite a unique sound, even if you may first perceive it as a common Black Metal band. With their fast tempos and restless drums, they are somewhat like the northern bands, but with their own eastern essence also prominent in the lyrics.
I recommend this album if you like pure Black Metal, especially the brand of Eastern Europe, maybe like bands as Vokodlok or Negura Bunget.
 Review by Varg The Mighty

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