Thursday, August 20, 2020

AGRESSOR – SATAN’S SODOMY OF DEATH ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of French Death Thrash Metal band Agressor’s demo compilation re-release “Satan’s Sodomy Of Death”.
It is good to have their original demos re-released all together and more accessible than how they originally were, since these lesser known songs are drastically different than the ones that appear on their albums, especially the latest ones. In fact, it seems like a completely different band with no observable similitude. It is also nice to hear the original quality without any sort of remaster that may make the true essence disappear.
With a voice like early Slayer, totally faithful to Thrash Metal guitar riffs and a restless low quality drum behind everything, this is the perfect type of demos. It is good to be able to listen to this in our age, since metal has changed drastically since the composition of these songs. For example, no one keeps doing those evil laughs that improved so much the songs, or those shrieking and shreddy simple solos.
This compilation is most comparable to the albums of Incubus or other early Thrash Death bands from the same time. There is also a notably well performed cover of Sodom’s “Bloody Corpse” in the compilation, with the same essence than the original and yet transferred to their musical style.
This compilation is recommendable for fans of early Thrash Death Metal, or any kind of old-school extreme metal. When you hear these demos, you must forget everything you know about Agressor, since anything after this sounds much more Death Metal and doesn’t have the same feeling to it.

 Review by Varg The Mighty

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