Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Chained and Desperat - "Divine Authority Abolishment" i

Formed in early 1990 with the sole purpose of performing extreme music, Greece’s CHAINED AND DESPERATE quickly evolved into something more than “just another extreme band”. From the monolithic doom/death metal of their first demo in 1994 (“Grieving for the Lost Sun”) to 1996’s black/pagan “Oracles From the Neitherworld” and the dark, lyrical black metal first full-length “Eleven Angles in a Circle” (1999), the band has established a unique personal style.

After a series of live performances and a number of positive reviews the band was put on hiatus in 2001 for a few years, mostly due to military service. For the next few years nothing but the words “legendary” and “cult” seemed to be the only words associated with the band around when in 2004 the band recruited a new member and started work on new material.

Following a period of intensive writing and rehearsing, in 2009, CHAINED AND DESPERATE entered the Music House Studios in Athens, with producer Stathis Pavlantis (Reflection). In late 2010 the recordings and overall production were completed and CHAINED AND DESPERATE’s sophomore release, “Divine Authority Abolishment” was ready and the band attracted the interest of Cyprus-based Pitch Black Records which offered them a recording deal, making this the label’s first black metal release. The album was released in July 29th 2011 and received very good reviews.

Currently C&D are rehearsing new material for their third album.

          C.M.Ain: Vocals, Lyrics
          Panos Chained: Guitars, music composition
          Jim Havok: Bass
          Kostas Makris: Vocals (ex-Swan Christy)
          George Pavlantis: Drums, percussion (Reflection, ex-Swan Christy)

 About the band, we are working on our 3rd album, actually rehearsing the new stuff. all compositions are completed so about the end of 2020 we are going to enter studio for recordings.

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