Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ingridi Verardo teases new single "Read Between The Lines"

(Photo credit: Gean Ghellere)

Ingridi Verardo teases "Read Between The Lines" single

Brazilian singer INGRIDI VERARDO posted a sample of her second single, entitled "Read Between The Lines", which will be released on September 1st. The track will be featured on "Imperfection", her debut album which should be released until the end of the year.
"Imperfection" alludes to the fragility and experience of recording an album for the first time. In addition to the singles "28 Days" and "Read Between The Lines", the album will have a total of eight tracks and will address personal themes from Ingridi's life, with a sound inspired by her influences that include symphonic metal, anime tracks, opera and musicals.
About the single Ingridi said: "It has something much more personal than the previous song. As can be heard on '28 Days', I am proud of my scars but in this one, talking about a 'relationship' that existed and didn't exist is much more difficult because I’m not used to share these stories with anyone. 'Read' is a mix of good memories, but also recurring thoughts of how I wish that distance didn’t keep us that far from each other and it didn’t have a double life."
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