Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Putrid Offal interview by Varg The Mighty.

Putrid Offal is a French Grindcore band that released various splits and demos in the 90’s that gave them a great renown. In 2013 they came back and have released more music since then. Today we have an interview with them. Greetings, how are you doing?
(Fred, bass player) : Fine, very fine despite this strange situation with the Covid 19. We are working on the album’s promotion.

What inspired the band’s name?

Ouch it’s a long time ago. I really don’t remember. We were fan of the early Carcass so we have searched a gore name and Putrid Offal came to us….
How was it like to record your latest album and what inspired it?
It was a long process, more than one year between the pre-production and the final mastering. We recorded Sicknesses obsessions in our own studio, taking our time to do the best product. We knew that people are waiting for new songs as Mature necropsy is a rerecorded of the old ones. We have just trying to do what we do the best : brutal death grind. Musically, nothing really inspired us, we just wanted to keep the PO’s DNA. People will talk about Carcass or General Surgery influences, other will find some hardcore or thrash touch. We have simply written songs as we thought it should be. The lyrics are inspired by André Vesale’s life, an anatomist of the sixteenth century.
How do you think the scene has changed since the 90’s?
Everything is different. From recording to promotion, from social networks to touring, nothing is the same. It’s more easy now to tour, to do shows, to record album with a good sound at your own studio. It’s an evolution with good and bad things. The only things I regret from nineties is the real underground spirit with tape trading and a lot of respect for each other. Not really what we see today….
What made the band originally split-up and what made it return?

At that time, our drummer, Boris, left us. As it was very hard to find a good one for playing grind, and after many auditions, we have decided to stop. We took a drum machine and started to play industrial music. In 2013, as Phil has his own studio, we just wanted to record our old stuff with a fresh sound and by taking time to do it. Something we couldn’t do in the nineties as we paid our two days studio. So we did that and Nico from Xenokorp has been interested in taking PO in his roster. And the machine was reborn.
Which are your main musical influences?
Today, it’s hard to say. All the guys in PO have their own musical influences and not only in extreme music. So everyone brings one or two things from his universe. At the beginning, Carcass and Napalm Death was the main ones. Not sure it is the same now.
How do you think the band has evolved musically?
We have kept the PO’s DNA made of a mixture of death metal and grind parts. Phil (guitars) and Laye (drums) have brought some new ideas. If Sicknesses obsessions sounds like that, it’s really because of their influence.
Have you planned to release any new music soon?
We have recorded 26 songs and only 18 are on CD and LP. So nothing is previous but, who knows, if there’s an EP proposition, we will have the material to do it. By the way, we are already working on new stuff for the next album.
Are there any concerts planned in the near future?
We have several festivals in France, Germany, Belgium, Czech planned until the end of the years. But with the Covid 19, nothing is sure at that time.
Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanks for your support and interest. Honestly, I think that a lot of people will be surprised with Sicknesses obsessions. It’s a brutal stuff with some good experimentations and a very good production. Hope you will be ready for that. Stay Putrid

 Interview by Varg The Mighty.

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