Tuesday, August 4, 2020

RAAM (Heavy Metal /Ecuador ) Interview by Dave "Carnage".

RAAM Rock is one of the most controversial and unique bands that the Ecuador scene owns, From Cuenca their Rock N 'Roll old school is a fervent sample of what they are made of, they have an insurmountable wealth in their music that can be identified from the Heavy to Hard Rock, we contacted Black Hawk who agreed to give us this interview and this is what he told us.

- Greetings Black Hawk welcome to Bathory zine of Spain, let's start with the massacre, could you give us a brief Review of the formation of RAAM Rock and explain why that name? Does it have any meaning or is it perhaps an acrostic?

-Hello Bathory Zine friends, a fraternal greeting from Ecuador, greetings to all our Spanish friends and thanks to our friend David for the invitation, RAAM ROCK was founded in December 2012 by BX, Black Hawk and Rat (for mental problems, the latter leaves the band in 2017), we have 2 full-length albums “ROCKEFELLER LOVES YOU ALL” “FIRE OF GLORY”, 2 EP '”IN THE NAME OF DEVIL'S ASS” and “RAAM ROCK LIVE” and several demos. RAAM is an acronym created by us that refers to Egyptian mythology, RA refers to RA the supreme god SOLAR and AM refers to AM-HEH who is the soul-devouring god, of funeral rituals or in general terms the hidden God of Death.

-  The music of RAAM Rock is something out of the ordinary, the aspects they address being very diverse, how would you define the music of RAAM Rock and what are its musical influences and why did you decide to go for Old school Rock?

-The diversity of musical influences is born from the variety of styles that the members listen to, basically we are metalheads who do rock n`roll in search of unifying all our influences in a single style. RAAM Rock does not have a commercial context so it does not seek to define itself in a single style or current to be clearly identified as merchandise, so all our material is diverse and obeys the creative inspiration of the moment, however the styles to which The ones we stick with are traditional Heavy metal and Rock n 'roll from the early seventies with a strong blues tint from the 40's-50's era.

 - In all this time of formation of the band has achieved many things such as national and international tours, sharing the stage with big names in world metal, becoming finalists for the opening band of Judas Priest and even a tour that covered all of South America, could you tell us about this extensive tour and what has been the most memorable show so far?

 -Yes, fence that we have had a lot of fun these years! We have traveled all of South America and some of Central America and for a few years we have been waiting for the perfect moment to make several invitations to the old continent, Australia and some parts of Asia that for The nature of the music industry has not yet been possible. We have actually been considered for several big events with many of the biggest bands in the world like "JUDAS PRIEST" or "KISS" and not only in our country, I remember when we were in Buenos Aires and they offered us to open for "GHOST" in the VORTERIX, but the music business is always very complicated and generally at the last minute the promoters auction these spaces to bands desperate to excel who end up paying high sums ...
Without a doubt the most memorable show was our first show, at that time the supposed “promoter” considered that the band was good enough to be the headliner and organized something in a warehouse, the platform was a mound of earth with a board on top , the audio system did not work well and to listen we had to play on our knees, in total there would be about 15 people all drunk and consuming all kinds of drugs, consequently we all left very happy from there to celebrate our first date.

 Tell us about your productions, do we know demos and albums published by many labels in the world, which have been able to edit in this time?

-Yes !, we have several demos, an EP and two albums, released in Cassette, Vinyl and CD formats. We have been able to work with various labels around the world in the production and distribution of our music through licenses or record contracts. We are currently starting the promotion stage of our second album "FIRE OF GLORY" which is already available on all streaming services.

Has the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic truncated many projects, in the case of RAAM how did it affect them? And what is the current status of the gang due to the pandemic?

-It is true! The plandemia stopped and truncated all plans for the entire humanity! We, being fervent conspiranoids, knew that something of this magnitude would happen sometime this year, but we did not know how it would happen… so it also took us by surprise and we He left us with his hands in the dough! We had to cancel a complete initial promotion tour that was about to be announced, which would take place from the album launch concert in May of this year.

 Did we already have a preview of the new production that goes by the name Fire of Glory, despite being already published in other countries because it has delayed its presentation in Ecuador? Maybe they had a launch planned?

 -So is! The album was published on streaming services on December 12, 2019 to remember the seventh anniversary of the band's founding and to date it has already been published on Cassette and CD in countries such as Peru and Colombia, productions have been stopped Due to the pandemic in other countries, including Ecuador, postal services are also stopped, which makes everything difficult. The launch concert of this work was scheduled for May 3 of this year in our hometown along with the Spanish legend BARON ROJO on their farewell tour. All of these events have been postponed for one year.

¿Al escuchar RAAM notamos una música directa a veces hasta con tintes humorísticos, de qué hablan sus letras? ¿Qué temas abordan y de donde viene la inspiración al momento de escribir? A qué ideología se apega RAAM Rock?

 -It's true! We could say that our ideology is eclectic as life and the circumstances that it presents us, in some topics we delve into esoteric, obscurantist, hermetic or conspiracy theories, as well as on other occasions we talk about very simple things of life as women, sex, alcohol, drugs, personal stories, among others.

  How has RAAM's music evolved through time? What plans do you have for the future?

-RAM Rock's music has evolved in terms of recording and production quality while the musical essence and composition remain the same.
In the future we plan to continue releasing records and touring wherever we can ...

 Tell us about the Ecuador scene and its native basin, organizations, zines, concerts, bands, is there support? What bands could you recommend from Ecuador in its various genres?

-For me the visible underground metal scene is small all over the world, much more in Ecuador and much more in our city, however the people who are present show their full support for the bands and that is why bands like RAAM Rock continue to exist, people who consume METAL UNDERGROUND have a different profile than consumers of mainstream music in general, and that is that they do not obey fads or trends in social engineering but simply identify with METAL in its essence.

That's it for now, the massacre is over, final words? Anything you would like to add? And please send a greeting to all the fans of RAAM Rock in Spain and all of Europe, we will see each other in the next opportunity.

 -We want to thank the management and opportunity provided by Bathory zine as well as the collaboration of our friend David, at the same time that we extend our fraternal greetings to all the public and to finally communicate to all our Spanish and European friends in general that we will visit them very soon in their lands, So ready for the Metal of the New Order !!!

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